Closed-Circuit Rebreathers: A Different Way to Dive

Closed-circuit rebreathers provide a different way to dive — where the rebreather’s primary jobs are to remove carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen. Read more about closed-circuit rebreathers.

A diver on a closed-circuit rebreather floats near a reef

Emergency Ascents: Managing the Risks

Emergency ascents are used to avoid any adverse events during a dive. Divers are trained in standard emergency ascent procedures, but these skills must be routinely practiced. Read more.

Diver makes an emergency ascent with bubbles flying all about

Diving Dry

Drysuits offer a range of thermal protections that go far beyond wetsuits. They are an indispensable tool for divers, but do require additional trainings. Read more about drysuits.

Drysuit diver in blue gloves pokes head and arms out of icepack

Graduation Day

At a graduation ceremony, a scuba instructor, who is also a DAN member, had to unexpectedly put their skills into action. Quick thinking helped saved a life.

Three EMTs lead a stretcher into the back of an ambulance

Quick Comeback

A scheduled dive went horribly awry when the dive lost his weight belt midway through descent. Unable to find his belt, he ascending but had trouble controlling buoyancy. The uncontrolled ascent led to serious symptoms on the boat. Read more about the incident.

Two divers descend a yellow mooring line

Shooter: Paul Nicklen

Photographer Paul Nicklen takes extreme photos in extreme conditions. His love of wildlife started at an early age and he knew he wanted a career as a photojournalist in the Arctic wildlife.

Pod of narwhals poke their heads through ice looking for food

Pro Tips for Shooting in Cold Water

Don’t let colder water temperatures freeze you up — you can take stellar photos regardless of the conditions. Read our best tips on capturing images in cold water.

Little brown fish on top of red sponges

The Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail

The Florida Keys are known for shallow coral reefs, but they are also home to world-class wreck diving. If you’re passionate about wreck diving, it’s time to visit the Florida Keys.

Aerial shot of the Vandenberg above Key West's Old Town skyline.

MPAs: Our Best Chance to Save Coral Reefs

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are vital in saving global coral reef populations — and yet, they aren’t completely enough. Read more about the importance of MPAs.

Female diver pokes her head around pink coral formation