The Bird’s Head Seascape

In a land where wildlife outnumbers human life, conservationists are working to find a way to allow access to a rare area of diversity without destroying it in the process. Read more.

Snorkelers follow two whale sharks in a blue bay


Alaska has wildlife above and below the water that capture the imaginations of travelers of all ages. However, a dive photographer specifically curated a trip to Alaska to ensure he could capture images of Alaska marine life at ideal times. Read more about diving in Alaska.

Breaching humpback whale does a dramatic back flip into water

Microbial Hazards

Bacteria is an elusive and often undefined threat, but what dangers does it pose to divers? Take a look at the different microbial threats to divers, and learn what you can do to reduce the risk of infection.

Aged no swimming sign

Clean and Sanitize Your Dive Gear

Proper gear disinfection practices are key to avoid bacterial infection. Gain a better understanding of these practices to ensure your next dive is a healthy one.

Dive fins and regulator rest in a bucket of cleaning solution

Psychiatric Fitness to Dive

In the diving environment, psychiatric well-being is as important as physical health. Psychiatrist Adam Roth presents a reasoned approach to evaluating dive fitness in the context of common and less-common mental illnesses.

Black-haired diver is perched on side of boat and ready to get to dive site

Changing Oceans, Changing Lives

Ocean education geared toward children and teens has increased in popularity and offerings. These classes can educate students about marine environments and their importance. Read more about ocean education initiatives.

Three student scientists examine vial of water

DAN Member Profile: Greg Holt

DAN member Greg Holt might be better known as Greg the Divemaster and host of ScubaRadio. Read more about Greg Holt, his career and why he is a DAN member.

Male diver looks awkwardly at camera

Coral Reef CSI

The Coral Reef Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) program provides managers and law enforcement personnel with tools and training required to help gather evidence from the marine environment.

Research divers study a coral reef

Team Flying Fish

Flying fish can be hard to spot, but once you do, they’re fantastic creatures. Learn more about how one group of divers worked together to spot flying fish.

Bug-eyed, young sailor flying fish

Muscle is Metabolic

Strength training can not only build muscle but also boost metabolism. With improved muscular strength you’ll have improved sport performance, delay fatigue and increase energy stores. Learn more and gain a great strength training workout.

Man lies on blue mat with knees bent