South Africa

South Africa is known for its large above-ground mammals, but below the waters of its shores, are equally compelling marine predators. South Africa is a great destination for divers. Read more about how to dive it.

Several blue sharks swim through a swarm of anchovies

A Well-Rounded Strait

Lembeh Strait is known for tiny critters and macro photography, but there’s much more than muck to this Indonesian wonder. Read more about how to dive in Lembeh Strait.

Snorkeler in pink rash guard swims just under water

The Observer Effect

The observer effect is real. When you dive, your presence has a significant impact on the marine world around you. Regardless of your intent, human presence in the ocean is intrusive. Learn more about what exactly the observer effect is.

At least two dozen snorkelers observe a manatee

Emergency Simulations for Dive Professionals

In-service training is on-the-job education or skills development designed to improve staff members’ capabilities. Its importance for dive professionals cannot be overemphasized. Read more about the importance of in-service training for dive pros.

Training supervisor oversees people in emergency training procedure

The World of Competitive Freediving

Competitive freediving has grown in popularity since 2000. Technological advances and more have helped lead the surge in freedivers. Read more.

A freediver swims through a school of fish

All Is Lost

“All is Lost” is a film that documents the solo journey of a boatman who experiences tech issues. Anyone who has ever been on a liveaboard can relate.

Actor Robert Redford behind the helm of a boat


Waterlust is an online film series that blends water-related science, sport and art. Learn more about the film Waterlust and how water connects us all.

A really cool wave at sunset

Southern California Strandings

Strandings in Southern California have dramatically increased. These abandoned seal pups often do not survive in the wild. Read more about strandings.

Six seals in an indoor pen

The Evolution of a Shipwreck

A ship was placed on the bottom of the seafloor as an intentional shipwreck to help create a reef. The shipwreck now hosts an incredible diversity of marine life. Learn more about how a shipwreck evolves.

French angelfish swims around a sponge-encrusted shipwreck

DAN Member Profile: Nathan Myhrvold

DAN member Nathan Myhrvoid is an accomplished student racking up a variety of degrees. He’s an author, chef, entrepreneur, photographer and diver. Read more about this DAN member.

Bearded man in chef's apron stands in front of a fire oven