Tough Neighborhood

Skeleton shrimp are tiny and inconspicuous critters. They are notoriously moody. Read more about skeleton shrimp.

Skeleton shrimp mama is holding her babies

Natural Movement

Natural-movement exercises force large muscle groups to work simultaneously to perform a task through a full range of motion. Learn more about the joy of natural movement and score a bodyweight workout.

Personal trainer is in crab position and looks a little uncomfortable as he tries to walk

Why Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is Canada’s most eastern point and is not often considered a must-do dive destination. Hopefully, this article will change that. Learn more about why diving Newfoundland is world class.

Diver explores the engine room of a shipwreck

The Symphony of the Reef

Sounds can be found underneath the waves. A variety of marine organisms employ complex organs to both create and distinguish sounds. The perception of noise underwater is not necessarily a simple thing, but since sound travels so efficiently underwater, numerous marine creatures have developed methods of sensing it.

Split shot of a coral reef. You can see the corals below the water and the trees above.

Just Another Day at the Office

A DAN member and dive instructor’s routine day was faced with setback after setback. She ended up needing a hyperbaric treatment. Read more about how DAN helped this member.

Female scuba diver looks at a jellyfish

Mastering Neutral Buoyancy and Trim

Neutral buoyancy is a tough skill to master, but when it is accomplished, the rewards are dramatic. Learn the importance of good buoyancy and how to master this advanced technique.

Perfectly horizontal diver approaches a reef while holding a camera

Legal Liability in Diving

Lawsuits are prevalent in modern society, and the diving community is not immune to them. It’s important for both certified divers and dive operators to understand their legal rights and responsibilities. We ask the experts.

Aerial view of hands filling out an insurance form

Rescue of an Unconscious Diver

The rescuing of an unconscious diver is a complicated event and requires strength and training. Learn how to rescue an unconscious diver.

Female rescuer works with an unconscious diver in the water

Keep Your Skills Sharp

An emergency skills instructor saw first-hand how these important skills matter. His friend was able to help his mother when she was choking. Read more about important safety skills.

Man performs Heimlich on a woman