Smart Guides

Sometimes you need reliable information fast. DAN’s Smart Guides can clue you in quickly to important topics in diving. Whether you want to improve your buoyancy, your gas consumption or your equalization, these quick guides are the resources you need to help you both above and below the water. With accurate information, you can make smart decisions for your adventures. Download these guides in their entirety for easy reading and future reference, or read each article individually right in your browser.

13 Ways to Run Out of Air & How Not To

Do you fully understand your breathing needs? Preparations now will help you avoid a common diving error.

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7 Mistakes Divers Make & How to Avoid Them

Mistakes happen but they’re often easily avoidable. With a few simple protocols, you can bypass common mishaps.

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Beat the Squeeze: Equalize Like a Pro

When you understand how ears respond to pressure, you can equalize properly and protect them from future injury.

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Know Before You Go: How to Plan Your Dive Trip

Regardless of where you dive, it will require some form of travel. From local quarries to international reefs, learn how to plan accordingly.

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