Philippines: Go Where the Wild Things Are

Text by Jennifer Hayes; photos by Jennifer Hayes and David Doublet

At the apex of the Coral Triangle, the Philippines offers some of the planet’s greatest marine biodiversity. Whether you’re diving in for the macro or the massive, the rare or the plentiful, you can find it all in the Philippines.

Freediving French Polynesia: The Shallow-Water Wonders of Paradise

Text and photos by Stephen Frink

Crystalline water and friendly, approachable marine life make French Polynesia a diver’s dream. Journey along without scuba tanks to enjoy iconic shallow-water encounters with the humpback whales of Moorea and the manta rays of Tikehau.

Making Avatar: The Way of Water

By Stephen Frink

Filmed extensively underwater and informed by the physics of real water, Avatar: The Way of Water required cast and crew to train as breath-hold divers. Learn the behind-the-scenes story of what it took to achieve the technical mastery or the movie’s remarkable underwater scenes.

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