Buddy Separation During Scientific Diver Training


  • Two divers shore diving, conducting scientific research 
  • Buddy pair got separated from each other due to low visibility and strong surf 

Reported Incident

Two scientific divers dive off the shore into the ocean to observe kelp forests. Diver A reported to have endured a challenging surf and low visibility at a depth of 30 fsw (9 msw). A little while into the dive, Diver A noticed that she had lost touch with Diver B. 

After searching for Diver B for 1 minute, Diver A ascended to the surface according to protocol and reconnected with Diver B who was unharmed. 


Communication begins before the dive with establishment of emergency protocols and an emergency action plan. This is especially important when diving with a new partner or in a new environment. The dive team followed proper procedures outlined in Open Water Scuba Diver training, search for your buddy for one minute then surface. The divers were lucky to reconvene unharmed.