Freediving Spearfisherman Bitten by Shark 

As the fish was coming in, the diver made a 360-degree turn to check the surrounding area for any sharks. Then, while the diver wasn’t looking, a shark bit their shoulder from behind.

Buford Sink Dual Fatality

Two divers in an overhead environment. One surfaced and was found deceased. The other one was later found at 137 feet.

Missing Mouthpiece

A diver on the fourth day of diving lost their mouthpiece while on the second dive of the day.


Diver Fight Club

A group of divers on an 80-foot ocean drift witness an altercation between one of the divers and their guide.


Decompression Sickness in CCR Diver

A well-trained technical closed circuit rebreather diver planned their dive, dived their plan, and still encountered decompression sickness.


Dehydration During Freediving

Three divers diving from a charter vessel participated in an introductory-level freediving course. One diver began to cramp, feel flushed, and fatigued after the first dive to 8 meters / 24 feet.