Top 5 Reasons You Want A DAN Professional Membership

For 40 years, DAN has focused on injury prevention, incident preparedness and accident protection for divers. Recently, DAN developed new programs and enhanced existing services to protect all dive professionals. Here are the top five ways you and your divers stand to benefit:

1. Student Medical Expense Coverage

Studies show students carry more risk than their certified counterparts, which is why DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage is a significant benefit to open-water and entry-level students.

Once enrolled, your students will receive US$25,000 in coverage for injuries that occur during training, both above and below the water. The program also allows scheduling flexibility — your students are covered for 180 days after course registration or until the last certifying dive, whichever comes first. Only DAN Professional Members may offer Student Medical Expense Coverage, and its available free of charge. Protect your students and give yourself a competitive advantage.

2. Prepared Diver Program

DAN’s accident analysis data has shown that the vast majority of injuries and diver fatalities are caused by five common and preventable catalysts, which include errors in buoyancy control, air management, ear equalization, ascents and personal limitations. The engaging and informative video-based Prepared Diver course is one of the most effective tools for educating students about how to avoid injury.

While Prepared Diver is not a certification course, it complements entry-level training by providing further insight into the science and application of these five incident triggers. Students access the course through DAN’s new e-learning platform, which is designed to work on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, so they can view it anywhere — even on dive charters.

As a DAN Professional Member, you may offer this course, valued at US$25 retail, at no additional charge. You will also have the freedom to determine what (if anything) to charge your students while keeping 100 percent of the proceeds.

3. Professional Liability Coverage

Risk is inherent to all types of diving, and dive professionals are responsible for keeping themselves and their divers safe. We understand the critical role dive professionals play in creating a culture of safety, so we designed DAN’s Professional Liability Coverage to help you manage your risks.

DAN Professional Liability program is available to DAN Professional Members at the lowest possible rates. Technical, rebreather, breath-hold, and first aid training coverage is offered at no additional cost, and our team of liability insurance experts are available to guide you through the nuanced and often complicated industry hazards. With unlimited defense costs, numerous risk mitigation initiatives and other benefits designed to protect dive professionals, DAN’s program is the industry’s best.

We are dedicated to the safety of the diving community at large, and, because we are aligned with and supportive of all certification agencies, programs, and first-aid training courses, we can be completely impartial — whichever training agency you support, we support you.

4. Comprehensive Portfolio of First-Aid Programs

DAN Professional Members who qualify to become a DAN Instructor have access to the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of first-aid courses with the most up-to-date student and instructor materials. These programs complement any dive training course and offer the opportunity to diversify your business and instruction outside of your traditional market.

All first-aid programs are delivered via DAN’s e-learning platform, and the instructor dashboard allows for quick and easy student management from enrollment to completion. The interface is intuitive and mobile friendly, so you can manage your students from wherever your business might take you.

5. Complementary Dues

We have put a great deal of effort into creating programs like nothing DAN has ever done before. Program benefits are still being developed, so, for the duration of this year, your Professional Membership dues are complements of DAN. Active DAN Members can contact the Professional Membership Department to start taking advantage of these new benefits now.

Not a DAN member? No problem, join DAN today.