Bell’s Palsy and Surgery

DAN® MEDICAL INFORMATION SPECIALISTS and researchers answer your dive medicine questions. “I have developed Bell’s palsy. Due to its internal effects, are there any reasons I should not dive? I understand the risks of its external effects — but could diving cause …”

Testing the Waters

Costantino Balestra, Ph.D., has spent his life coming up with groundbreaking hypotheses in research labs and applying them to the real world. Read more about the researcher, his motivation and projects.

Two divers swim below and there are a lot of bubbles around them.

Understanding Our Limits

Gerardo Bosco applies modern technologies in hyperbaric research and has authored more than 100 scientific publications. In dive medicine, he focuses on finding a cause for a known mechanism rather than discovering something unknown.

Dr. Gerardo Bosco takes readings at the entrance of a chamber.

Effects of Aspirin on Diving

If you take aspirin everyday, what will be the impact on a diver’s risk of decompression sickness? Two DAN doctors answered a common question and provided their best advice.

A spilled bottle of aspirin lies on top of some medical charts

Distracted While Diving

It can be easy to lose sight of depth, time and gas supply when you’re in search of the perfect image. Stay alert — don’t compromise your safety for the sake of a photograph.

A diver swims overhead holding a camera

Asking the Right Questions

Ingrid Eftedal, Ph.D., studies the genetic and molecular mechanisms involved in the body’s responses to diving. Eftedal’s diverse background includes work in molecular biology, forensic genetics, civil engineering, biophysics and medical technology.

Ingrid Eftedal, Ph.D., stands beside a small hyperbaric chamber used for animal studies.

Recompression Chamber Safety

DAN promotes safe chamber operations with research, education and training. Learn more about recompression chamber safety.

A group of doctors stand outside of a hyperbaric chamber chatting

Extreme Exposure

Richard Moon, M.D., has spent his career studying phenomena of great interest to scuba divers — including decompression sickness. Learn more about the researcher Richard Moon.

A group of researchers surround a man hooked up to tubes and machines.