Introducing Battle Ropes

Slam them, shake them, jump over them. The options are pretty limitless when it comes to battle ropes. They are a dynamic piece of fitness equipment.

A female personal trainer is shaking two battle ropes

Building Better Balance

DIVING TAKES PLACE in an environment that is dynamic both in and out of the water. Challenging and changing situations can happen even while traveling to a dive site. Balance […]

Spine Health

LOWER BACK PAIN is one of the most common medical complaints. Estimates are that more than 500 million individuals worldwide experience lower back pain, making it the leading cause of […]

Foam Rolling for Recovery

RECOVERY IS AN ESSENTIAL ASPECT OF TRAINING. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) can happen 24 to 48 hours after a workout, and divers don’t want to be distracted by DOMS […]


Beginner Bike Training

Cycling is a great way to improve health and fitness with no impact on your bones and joints. Adjusting the time and intensity can accommodate anyone from beginners to elite athletes. Cycling can reduce your risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes and improve your mental health.

group of triathlete on bicycle ride on the road

Body Bar Exercises

STRENGTH TRAINING is a great way to tone and build muscle. These exercises can help your stabilization while moving in scuba gear and around a boat.


Yoga Fitness for Scuba Diving

YOGA KEEPS YOU YOUNG, at least from a physiological perspective. Regular yoga practice can counter the effects of aging by regularly moving joints through a full range of motion, improving […]


My Aching Back

Approximately eight out of 10 people will be affected by back pain over the course of their lives. This can have a profound impact on overall quality of life. Common […]

Man in up-dog position with arch in back

Outdoor Fitness Training

PLAYGROUNDS ARE GREAT PLACES for an outdoor workout while traveling. Most local parks have equipment that can facilitate the exercises in this article. Adult fitness playgrounds are ideal but less […]

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Foam Rolling

Sore muscles? Soothe tired and aching muscles through foam rolling exercises. This form of self-massage is a great way to boost fitness and heal your body.

A personal trainer is demonstrating the proper technique to foam roll the shins