Step Away from the Computer

Sitting all day can have adverse affects on the body — including the weakening of certain muscles. Here are some great stretches and exercises to add into your day to strengthen those muscles.

Woman leans on a chair about to thrust her hips into air

Muscle is Metabolic

Strength training can not only build muscle but also boost metabolism. With improved muscular strength you’ll have improved sport performance, delay fatigue and increase energy stores. Learn more and gain a great strength training workout.

Man lies on blue mat with knees bent

Foam Rolling

Sore muscles? Soothe tired and aching muscles through foam rolling exercises. This form of self-massage is a great way to boost fitness and heal your body.

A personal trainer is demonstrating the proper technique to foam roll the shins

Not Your Mama’s Cardio

Aerobic conditioning through cardiovascular circuit training will help keep your heart and body in tip-top shape. Read this 23-minute cardio workout which sprinkles cardio intervals with body-weight exercises.

Male, Black, personal trainer jogs in place on the grass

Lower Body Strength

Lower-body muscular strength and endurance are necessary for scuba divers. Read more about building a strong and balanced lifting program while learning two key moves.

Close-up photo of a man performing a squat

Complex Exercises for the Body and Brain

Go beyond simple bicep curls and squats and perform moves that exercise your entire body. Complex dumbbell exercises are challenging for both your mind and body.

A man in a white T-shirt is in side-plank position

Water: Element of Life & Fitness

Grab your water shoes and bathing suit, and get ready for a fun workout! Water creates perfect resistance and when an exercise ball is added, you get a total-body challenge. Get this water-based workout.

Split shot of two women in a pool each holding blue balls

Improving Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular fitness can be improved by the FITT principles. From frequency to timing, techniques you can boost your health and your endurance. Learn more about FITT and cardiovascular health with these tips.

No Sit-Ups, No Problem

Admit it: You hate performing sit-ups. (We all do.) But there are other ways to engage your core muscles and strengthen the area. Here are some great core exercises that provide strength and work other muscle groups.

A personal trainer demonstrates bridge pose

Bored With Your Traditional Fitness Routine?

Kettlebells are a great training tool because they challenge the body’s muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Kettlebells are affordable and the workouts are customizable. Read more about kettlebells.

Torso of man in red short holding a kettlebell up to his chin