Introducing Battle Ropes

Slam them, shake them, jump over them. The options are pretty limitless when it comes to battle ropes. They are a dynamic piece of fitness equipment.

A female personal trainer is shaking two battle ropes

Core Quickie

Core muscles are incredibly important for everyday activities, but also for scuba diving. A stronger core reduces the risk of injury when lifting dive gear and it promotes years of pain-free diving. Learn more great core exercises.

Female personal trainer in sports bra and shorts lies on stomach with legs up

Introduction to Swim Fitness

Swimming is a noncontact physical activity that lets you be socially distant while still receiving many health benefits. Exercising in water can increase cardiac function, reduce blood pressure and improve muscle blood flow, respiratory function and brain function. Water reduces joint impact, so you can do high-intensity exercise with little to no discomfort from impact. Swimming targets your entire body and allows a greater range of motion for joints than land-based exercise. Blood flows more freely to your upper body, while the water supports you and lowers gravity’s impact.

Aqua Pool Noodle Exercises

Exercising in water can be a great way to mix up your routine. The water supports your body
and ensures low impact despite intense exercise. The effects of gravity are less profound in the water, so you can have an increased range of motion and move in different directions than on land without falling. Water also offers resistance that activates your core muscles for stability, which is beneficial when maneuvering during diving. An added benefit for divers is practicing comfort and control in the water.

A man performs the Aqua Warrior 3 exercise using a pool noodle in a swimming pool.

Natural Movement

Natural-movement exercises force large muscle groups to work simultaneously to perform a task through a full range of motion. Learn more about the joy of natural movement and score a bodyweight workout.

Personal trainer is in crab position and looks a little uncomfortable as he tries to walk

Building Better Balance

DIVING TAKES PLACE in an environment that is dynamic both in and out of the water. Challenging and changing situations can happen even while traveling to a dive site. Balance exercises can help improve your ability to maintain or regain stability on a rocking boat. Wearing scuba gear changes your weight distribution and center of […]

Predive Warm-Up

A predive warm-up is incredibly important to prepare your body for the task of diving. Learn a selection of warm-up moves specifically for divers. They will help ward off any physical injury.

A female personal trainer bends over to stretch her upper body

I Need to Get in Shape: Where Do I Start?

Fitness programs run the gamut there is no “best” way to exercise. It’s important to tailor a program to you needs, abilities, likes and your body. Here are six steps to start a fitness program.

Female running so fast she blurs the image

Fitness for Scuba: Exercises for All Ages

SARCOPENIA IS A NATURAL MUSCLE LOSS (atrophy) due to aging. Periods of inactivity due to injury, illness, or a busy life can accelerate this process. Individuals over the age of 65 are particularly …

Lower-Back Pain Prevention

Back pain can ruin a dive vacation quickly. Perform these back-friendly stretches to keep your core happy and healthy. Get the back stretches now.

Personal trainer is in lunge position and leaning over right knee