Left at Sea

When diving offshore, always carry emergency signaling devices such as a surface marker buoy, signal mirror and emergency strobe.

A group of divers pose in the water. They are holding an emergency signaling device.

More Than a Sore Shoulder

I REMEMBER SITTING AT MY COMPUTER while thinking about all the ibuprofen I had been popping for the past 18 hours and wondering why I still had the dull, aching […]

A Little Detail

I TAKE A GIANT STRIDE off the back of the boat and splash into a cascade of tingling, magical bubbles. The sea’s embrace is chilly; I can feel the 74˚F water through my 5 mm wetsuit and thick 4 mm hood. My vision clears as the …

Confessions of a Yahoo Diver

A COMMERCIAL DIVER FRIEND TOLD ME YEARS AGO that people like me — recreational divers who do commercial diving work — are often referred to as yahoos.
I was always comfortable underwater and, at 78 years old, still am.


Diver and Dive Operator Ethics

My first reality check as a dive professional came after a week of working with a couple. Every day they asked for private dive guides and customized support.

illustrating an in-water rescue tow back to the boat

Safety Equipment: A Necessity Even in Paradise

AS DIVERS, WE MUST take extra steps in our predive checks to ensure that our buddy has their safety and signaling equipment so we can be prepared in case of an emergency.


Coming to Grips with Symptoms

A diver had odd sensations in her hand but she wasn’t too concerned…until complications arose. Read more about this diver’s story.

Female diver holds a camera

Panic Leads to Diver Fatality

AS A WILDLIFE OFFICER, I spend countless hours on the water. As an instructor for the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), I have also spent a lot of time […]


Komodo Islands Close Encounter

BEING STUNG BY A LIONFISH is like being bitten by a poisonous snake. I found that out the hard way.


Heartbroken After DCS

A divemaster hopeful had an unfortunate bout of decompression sickness during a routine dive. But it was through DCS treatment, that the diver discovered she had a heart condition.

A diver swims around an old shipwreck