Unexpected Air Pockets

A diver felt pressure in his teeth during a descent but dismissed the pain. The pain became worse, forcing him to cut the dive short. Read more about this tooth-related dive incident.

Female diver clutches her mouth

Go Easy on the Ears

A female diver’s routine dives went south when she had trouble equalizing. Postdive, she had discomfort in the ears that eased, but never fully healed. Read more of her incident.

Female diver dramatically holds her left ear in pain

Panic and Post-Traumatic Stress

During a dive trip in Hawaii, a diver had a panic attack thinking he was running out of air after an equipment malfunction. Read more of his story.

A group of divers walk into the ocean to start their dive

In Denial

Small, easy-to-ignore symptoms are often the first signs of decompression sickness. Read more about one diver’s incident.

A liveaboard boat, that looks like a pirate ship, at sunset

Heartbroken After DCS

A divemaster hopeful had an unfortunate bout of decompression sickness during a routine dive. But it was through DCS treatment, that the diver discovered she had a heart condition.

A diver swims around an old shipwreck

Entangled in Kelp

Kelp can often entangle divers and result in anxiety and panic. Read an incident in which kelp entangled a diver and unfortunately resulted in his death.

Kelp and sea grass wave underwater

Don’t Assume

Self-diagnosis can lead to delays in the medical care you need. Never assume — and be sure to contact DAN.

Tanks stand on the dock of a boat and man prepares wetsuit in background

Explore All Possibilities

Symptoms do not always point to just one definite cause, so it is often just as important to continue listening to the patient and exploring options that might not be immediately apparent.

Bald person gets a medical scan.

Don’t Ignore Your Medical History

A scientific diver, participating in training exercises with her team, became overheated and called off the dive. Read more about the incident, diagnosis, treatment and more.

Female diver in a drysuit holding a flashlight

Don’t Be Fooled

Relief from symptoms doesn’t always mean a cure. Read one incident of when a diver presented with a rash and received treatment for decompression sickness — but became very combative.

The inside of a hyperbaric chamber is padded and no one is in it.