Alabama’s Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast of Alabama is home to some great diving including the largest artificial reef program in the United States. Read more about diving in Alabama.

Blue-green angelfish over red corals

The Quarries of Northwest Ohio

Ohio is more than a flat cornfield. Northwest Ohio quarries are unknown diving gems. Divers can practice their skills and explore unique attractions sunk specifically to entertain divers. Read more about diving in Ohio.

Two divers approach a sunken speed boat

Treasure in Lake Michigan

WOULD YOU BE SURPRISED TO LEARN that treasure is beneath the surface of Lake Michigan? It’s true, and these treasures give us glimpses into our history. They aren’t found inside shipwrecks — the wrecks themselves are the treasures.

Between the Depths and the Shallows

Cape Cod offers great diving with saltwater ponds, narrow creeks, marshes and more. There are also great critters to see. Read more about what Cape Cod has to offer and how to dive it.

Back-lit lily pads look pink in color

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a small land mass barely 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. The coastline and area offer countless diving possibilities. Read more about diving around Catalina Island.

Two drysuit divers swim through kelp forest

Nestled in God’s Pocket

A visit to God’s Pocket Marine Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada, is worth experiencing wherever you live, local or not.

sea lion (Eumetopias jubatus) rests on a rock

Diving into Lake Champlain’s History

October is the perfect time to enjoy Lake Champlain’s wrecks as well as the surrounding colorful foliage. The dive destination has a lot to offer. Learn more!

Diver Lars Brinkmann illuminates the old wooden ship’s wheel on the wreck of the O.J. Walker, one of 10 historic shipwrecks preserved in Lake Champlain.

Rhode Islands Blues — And Makos

Don’t let its size fool you: Rhode Island offers divers a lot to see — including some great shark sightings. Read more about where and how to dive in Rhode Island.

A shortfin mako has beady eyes and its mouth is open. It looks fierce and hungry

Shipwreck Empire

North Carolina boasts 301 miles of coastline and is known as a wreck diver’s paradise. There are wrecks for every experience level from novice to advanced technical diving.

Dive photographer shoots image of shipwreck

Oregon: Hiding in Plain Sight 

OREGON IS A PERPETUALLY POPULAR West Coast travel destination, especially for climbing, skiing, walking through verdant forests, or strolling along sandy beaches … and SCUBA DIVING!