Blue Heron Bridge

THE RELENTLESS AND POWERFUL NORTHWARD FLOW of the Gulf Stream’s clear, tropical waters provides Southeast Florida with beautiful and unique diving opportunities. Passing off the coast of Palm Beach County, […]

Kauai’s Niihau

Get a first-hand look at diving in Kauai’s Niihau. The diver discusses searching for the Niihau volcano and more.

Diver swims behind a giant sea turtle

Why Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is Canada’s most eastern point and is not often considered a must-do dive destination. Hopefully, this article will change that. Learn more about why diving Newfoundland is world class.

Diver explores the engine room of a shipwreck

Bonne Terre Mine

Located in Missouri, Bonne Terre Mine was closed in 1961 and has since been converted to a haven for scuba divers. Read more about how to dive at Bonne Terre Mine.

Diver approaches pile of old railroad ties

Washington’s Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Peninsula, at the tip of Washington state, has impressive topography, stellar marine life, interesting rock formations and much more. Learn more about diving the Olympic Peninsula.

Several orca whales pop their fins out of water

Big Things Cruise Off Florida’s Palm Beaches

Palm Beach, Fla. is home to over-the-top marine life from giant groupers to sharks. But overall, Palm Beach is a great place for divers. Read more about diving in Palm Beach.

A big lemon shark lies on the bottom of the ocean

New Jersey: The Underwater Garden State

Diving off the coast of New Jersey can be enjoyed through underwater photography, shipwreck diving, tours through artificial reefs and rock piles and so much more. Read more about diving in New Jersey.

Diver approaches a sponge-encrusted shipwreck

San Clemente Island, California

San Clemente Island, Calif., is owned and operated by the U.S. Navy but surrounding waters are open to divers. Learn more about diving San Clemente Island.

An angry Pacific rock crab stands in front of a red gorgonian

San Diego, California

San Diego, Calif. is not just home to great beaches and beach towns — it also offers diverse dive opportunities from shipwrecks to animal encounters. Read more about diving in San Diego.

Diver distantly looks at a sponge-encrusted shipwreck