Sunscreens Linked to Coral Bleaching

Did you know your sunscreens could actually be hurting the world’s coral reefs? Learn more about safe sunscreens and protecting these resources.

A bleached coral reef

Flooded Forests

Mangrove forests are a vital part in the aquatic ecosystem. Learn more about mangrove forests and how divers can explore them.

Over-under shot of a mangrove forest with fish below

How to (Re)Build a Kelp Forest

Kelp forests are incredibly important for healthy ecosystems’, and they are getting rebuilt in California. Read more about kelp forests.

Diver uses a pick axe

When Garbage Doesn’t Die

Garbage, especially plastics, can be found all over the world in all kinds of bodies of water. Read more about what is being done and what divers can do help clean it all up.

Petri dish full of tiny plastic particles and marine life

The Last Unicorns

The pillar coral is as unique in its taxonomy as it is in its growth form. It is also poorly studied — and it is in decline. Efforts have ramped up to study and conserve this species.

A female diver inspects some coral

Choosing Extinction

Monk seals are a critically endangered species in Hawaii, however, some island natives are protesting the seal being on the list. Read more.

A female monk seal lazily swims on her side

Differentiating Coral Bleaching and Coral Mortality

Corals bleach, or turn white, when their symbiotic algae are expelled from the corals’ tissues due to stressors such as excessively warm water. Bleached corals can and do recover when favorable conditions resume.

A stark white coral is nestled in a bed of other corals

Offshore Platforms

Offshore platforms actually house a lot of marine life and are popular dive sites because of it. Several oil platforms, however, are scheduled to be removed from the Gulf of Mexico. Read more about the platforms’ importance.

Offshore platform in the ocean at sunset

Extinct for Soup?

Are sharks really facing extinction for an Asian delicacy? Learn more about shark populations and conservation efforts.

Belly view of a bloodied shark getting fished