Diadema, Caretake of the Reefs

Diadema sea urchins once plagued coral reefs but in just 13 months, quickly died off. However, diadema are important for reefs. Read more.

Diver collects urchins in a net

Bonaire Inspires Hope for the Future of Coral

DESCENDING THE LIMESTONE STAIRS OF BONAIRE’S famous 1,000 Steps dive site in full scuba gear is challenging. It’s just 64 steps down, but it feels like many more. Once you make it down, you’re rewarded with a Caribbean reef teeming with life …

Sympathy for the Devil

Manta rays are often forgotten in conservation and research efforts. Several species of rays are under threat. Learn more about manta rays and what you can do.

A black-and-white image of a devil ray swimming close to the ocean surface


Eutrophication is the excessive richness of nutrients in a body of water and can kill plant and animal life from a lack of oxygen. It can be caused either by Mother Nature or human involvement. Read more about eutrophication.

Two divers float near a reef experiencing eutrophication

The Ocean Less Traveled

TALK TO ANY HUMAN UNDER THE AGE OF 13, and they have probably been asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was just 3 years old when I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. Growing up on coasts — first Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and then Southeast Florida — I […]

Continuing a Tradition of Ocean Stewardship

After helping to establish the world’s first shark sanctuary in his nation’s waters in 2009, President Tommy Remengesau Jr. of the Republic of Palau signed legislation last year that set aside 80 percent of his small west Pacific island nation’s ocean as a fully protected marine sanctuary.

Arial view of Palau's Rock Islands

The Enormous Din of the Sea

The ocean is actually quite a noisy place caused by the unique marine fauna. Read more about this marine symphony.

Dolphin swims next to a boat at sunset

Rewilding Mustique’s Reefs

IT’S NO SECRET THAT CARIBBEAN REEFS ARE IN CRISIS. Many stony coral species face an uncertain destiny, and some scientific predictors point toward extinction in the near future for some species.
What is the value of a dead reef compared with the value of a living marine ecosystem?

End the U.S. Shark-Fin Trade

Divers should take a stand to end the shark-fin trade. A bipartisan bill before Congress is poised to stop the sale of shark fins in the U.S.

Grassroots Marine Protected Areas

Global marine protected wildlife sanctuaries foster ecological protections and growth while also helping boost local economies. Read the stories behind several marine protected areas across the world.

Mantas circle a cleaning station in Misool, Indonesia.