Cayman Blue

The Cayman Islands have become an addiction for a National Geographic photographer. Discover why this person is so passionate about these islands.

Black-and-white photo of a stingray buried in the sand

The Essential Maldives

Swift currents and beautiful coral atolls are a given when you dive the Maldives, but when you cruise the islands by liveaboard, there’s a new surprise at every mooring. From manta rays and whale sharks to beautiful reefs and idyllic beaches, enjoy the best diving experiences these famous islands have to offer.

ea turtle swims through sea plants

Saving Seagrass, Saving Reefs

Seagrass beds are excellent places for marine life to live and thrive, but dwindling locations threaten the overall environment. Read more about the importance of seagrass beds.

Spinning boat propeller near lush seagrass

DAN Member Profile: Lad Adkins

DAN member Lad Adkins has made it his mission to help get invasive lionfish numbers under control. Read more about Lad’s efforts and why he’s a member of DAN.

Three men and one woman congregate and are having a conversation. The woman and one man are sitting.

Caught in the Act

Several divers were lucky enough to catch a rare moment in the mating rituals of frogfish. Read more about their encounter.

Two frogfish perform an odd pregnancy ritual

Lower Body Strength

Lower-body muscular strength and endurance are necessary for scuba divers. Read more about building a strong and balanced lifting program while learning two key moves.

Close-up photo of a man performing a squat

Anacapa Island, California

Anacapa Island, California, offers divers pristine coral reefs, undersea arches, abundant fish and playful pinnipeds — allwithin 14

Pink garibaldi swims over pink plants

Alger Underwater Preserve

Even in the worst weather, Alger Underwater Pass in Lake Superior has reliably good diving — and great shipwrecks. Red more about diving at Alger Underwater Preserve.

Rusted propeller of a very large, sunken ship

In the Nick of Time

An underwater filmmaker encountered problems when his right ear felt plugged. He powered through the work only for the ear to become worse. When he finally saw a doctor, he was told he may never regain hearing in his right ear. Read more.

Dive photographer uses a giant camera to shoot a freediver

Backplate Buoyancy Systems

More-experienced divers prefer the backplate buoyancy system because of its rock-solid stability and simple harness system. Read more about backplate buoyancy systems.

Drysuit diver surfaces and is wearing a backplate buoyancy system