In Denial

Small, easy-to-ignore symptoms are often the first signs of decompression sickness. Read more about one diver’s incident.

A liveaboard boat, that looks like a pirate ship, at sunset

Dolphins to Port, A Diver in Trouble

In a rush to enter the water, a diver did not check the tank valve, leaving them in a dangerous spot. Read more about the incident.

An old man in a purple tank top and white ball cap and a woman, comfort a person wearing an oxygen mask

Shooter: Howard Hall

Underwater cinematographer Howard Hall had humble beginnings and is now known for his spectacular underwater IMAX movies. Read more about Howard Hall and his career.

Giant jellyfish with thick, purple tentacles

Digital Effects Using High Dynamic Range

High dynamic range (HDR) is a clever digital process that will allow you to generate exceptional detail in still photos by combining the best elements from multiple shots into a single image. Read more about this practice.

Two couple stand on deck at sunset

When Garbage Doesn’t Die

Garbage, especially plastics, can be found all over the world in all kinds of bodies of water. Read more about what is being done and what divers can do help clean it all up.

Petri dish full of tiny plastic particles and marine life

Your Computer Fails: Now What?

What do you do when your dive computer fails? With the right backup instruments and techniques, you can keep diving safely. Learn more.

Right hand holds a dive computer and in background is a left wrist with two watches

Pushing the Envelope

Three accomplished dive photographers share how they’ve pushed the envelop in underwater photography. You can glean their tricks and secrets.

Dive photographer pushes a fancy camera rig through the ocean

Assessing Basic Vital Signs

Vital signs can be helpful even to first aid providers with limited medical training. Sets of vitals that are outside normal ranges typically indicate the need for some treatment.


Study Update: PFO

If divers test positive for patent foramen ovale (PFO), they may choose to stop diving or take steps to mitigate future risks. A five-year DAN study analyzed those who underwent a closure procedure and those who did not.