The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands repeatedly tops the world’s lists of best diving destinations. Big and diverse marine animals are certainly a draw, but many love the topside attractions. Read more about traveling to the Galapagos Islands.

School of yellowtailed surgeonfish at a cleaning station

Visions of Hawaii

Hawaii is more than black lava rock, pineapples and grass skirts: It has a plethora of marine life, rich culture and beyond. Read more about diving and visiting in Hawaii.

A group of hungry rays congregate looking for snacks. Several divers are nearby

Ocean Views 2011

The Ocean Views photo competition quickly created a reputation for excellence in wildlife and marine photography. Check out the winners and honorable mentions of Ocean Views 2011.

Two pink-and-red longnose hawkfish 1200

Give Your Images the Competitive Edge

Photo competitions can be great tools to assess your photography skills. Read more about how to find and enter into photo competitions.

Morose lionfish stares at camera

The Story of Sponge Divers

Sponge divers became proud providers in their communities, with their ability to dive deep without protective equipment and harvest sponges. Sponge diving has a rich history. Read more about sponge divers.

Scuba diver has arms wide open showing off a big sponge

DAN Member Profile: Michael Lang

DAN member Michael Lang is an accomplished scientist who made significant contributions to Antarctic science. Read more about the career of Lang and his interest in marine science.

Male scuba diver chases after a silver fish

Scuba Geocaching

Geocaching is a sport of high-tech treasure hunting and as popularity grew, it soon went underwater, too. Scuba geocaching combines the thrill of treasure hunting with scuba for a fun experience. Learn more about scuba geocaching.

Two divers hold flashlights and are searching for treasure

Fish Bait

Frogfish are major draws for naturalists and divers — they are unique and well-adapted hunters. Thanks to a tiny rod in its head, they can tempt meals easily and efficiently. Read more about frogfish and their unique hunting rituals.

Lumpy, yellow frogfish lures a prey with a rod and tuft located on its head