The Revillagigedos Islands

If you like being dwarfed by marine life, Socorro is the place for you. This seasonal destination offers incredible opportunities for communing with whales, mantas sharks, dolphins and more.

Orange fish follow a giant manta


Cozumel is an easy-to-get-to destination and offers stunning views for divers. Cozumel has a lot to offer both under and on top of the water. Learn more about diving in Cozumel.

Colorful corals and sponges with a diver swimming nearby

Mangroves & Seagrass

Mangrove forests and seagrass meadows make for interesting snorkeling in their own right, and they’re essential for healthy coral reefs. What’s so special? Read more!

Red mangrove roots plow into water

Back to Basics

Decompression illness (DCI) is a serious condition, but what is it exactly? Get the basics surrounding DCI including prevention, available treatments and more.

Female diver peeks through coral formation

Ocean Views 2014: The Power of Imaging

Ocean Views 2014 displays some extraordinary images of nature by some of the world’s most talented visual artists. Read and view more from Ocean Views.

Green turtle sucks on a jellyfish

The Last Wild Island

Thanks to intense conservation efforts, Tetepare Island, part of the Solomon Islands, has restored and conserved much of his marine land — which has saved sea turtle populations. Read more.

Split shot of coral in water and island on top

An Alien Invasion

One aquarium made it their mission to breed and raise more than two dozen species of cephalopods. It was a challenge, but the only want to approach a large-scale exhibition.

Close up of orange octopus tentacles

The Gyre Project

Plastics can be found on beaches all over the world — and Alaska is no exception. A group of artists banded together to create beautiful art from the plastics of Alaska’s waters. Read more about the Gyre: The Plastic Ocean.

Woman stands next to giant pile of trash

A New Chamber in Cozumel

A new hyperbaric chamber was opened in Cozumel to ensure divers get the top-notch care they deserve. Read more about the Cozumel chamber.

Two people monitor those in hyperbaric chamber

DAN Member Profile: Michael Barnette

Michael Barnette is a marine biologist who is deeply passionate about the underwater world. Learn more about his love of diving and why he is a DAN member.

Bearded man in scuba suit stands on boat and holds an artifact