Fjords of Norway

TRAVELING THROUGH THE FJORDS and on the rivers has always been an important part of life in Norway and Scandinavia. Discovering what is hidden below the dark surface in the unfathomable underwater realms here is just as fascinating for visitors who choose to dive in Norway.

Underwater Cave Photography

AS I FLOAT IN THE SOFT DARKNESS of a flooded cave, a tunnel leading away from me catches my eye. Like a mountain trail, the passageway offers spectacular views, physical challenges, and exhilaration. As I exhale into the water, I feel a dissolution of self. My goal as a photographer is to convey that sensation in a photo.

The Art of Dive History

THE HISTORY OF DIVING is filled with an array of oddities and eccentricities that wouldn’t be out of place in science fiction. This fascinating universe has captured my interest for many years and recently compelled me to begin the Diver Project.

The Eclectic Vision of Renee Capozzola

NO ONE HAS NAVIGATED high-profile photo contests with greater aplomb than Renee Grinnell Capozzola. Her images being consistently recognized as the best of the best speaks to her strategic planning, vision, and technical execution.


Protecting Hawai‘i’s Fishes

CHARLES DARWIN’S FIVE WEEKS IN THE GALÁPAGOS Islands were crucial to the development of his theory of evolution, likely due to the Galápagos having the world’s second-highest proportion of endemic species. What if Darwin had instead visited the islands with the world’s highest rate of endemism?


Dive in the Fast Lane with DPVs

NEW AND IMPROVED TECHNOLOGY enters the dive industry every year. Divers of all experience levels can now utilize smaller, lighter, faster, quieter, and more reliable DPVs to make their diving safer and more enjoyable. 



SITTING IN A DUSTY OFFICE chair surrounded by dozens of tanks, scooters, drysuits, a massive compressor, and nearly a hundred photographs of dives from around the world tacked to plywood, I found myself in Tim’s dive shack.


Southern Right Whales

SOUTHERN RIGHT WHALES spend a few months each year in Península Valdés, Argentina, to mate and nurse their calves. My whale encounter there was one of the most challenging I have experienced. It was also one of my most rewarding and memorable experiences.


The Life and Legacy of Tokitae

HER NAME WAS TOKITAE, which means “nice day, pretty colors” in the Coast Salish language. The Lummi Nation knows her as Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut, which is a historical reference to the Penn […]

TOKITAE the killer whale, the beloved 57-year-old orca died Aug. 18 2023, One Ocean One Health Center, The Lummi Nation’s ancestorial connection to Tokitae, torcas were captured in Penn Cove Washington, Miami Seaquarium in Florida, conservation of wild populations, Stephen McCulloch, Alert Diver magazine Q4 2023

Guidelines for Lifelong Medical Fitness to Dive

DIVERS ALERT NETWORK has published a reference document to promote medical fitness to dive throughout divers’ lives. Intended to be used by divers, dive professionals, and doctors, the document establishes […]

medical fitness to dive, Alert Diver magazine Q4 2023