Sweet As … New Zealand

New Zealand is incredibly inspiring to divers because of its amazing sites — above and under the water. The marine critters are colorful, large and amazing. Read more about how to dive New Zealand.

Bubbles surround ascending diver


St. Lucia is a vibrant place with plenty for divers to explore under the water and topside. Learn more about St. Lucia, its dive sites and how exactly to dive it.

Mountains reflected in water below

A Life Among Whales

Whales are a complex species of mammals that in some instances were brought to the brink of extinction. Today, whales are revered. Learn more about how whales impacted one family.

Humpback whale jumps out of water and splashes

Mental Health First Aid After a Water-Sport Incident

Mental health is incredibly important, especially after a traumatic dive event. But what does that look like? Learn some great tips and practical strategies for recognizing and managing stressful situations.

Close up of hands performing CPR

California’s New Parks Under the Sea

California created a network of underwater wilderness reserves. These marine protected areas offer great diving. Read more.

Diver swims on top of corals

SCUBAnauts: Rising to the Challenge

SCUBAnauts is an organization that provides hands-on marine science education. SCUBAnauts has worked on reef restoration projects to turtle and fish studies. Read more.

Group of diving nerds stand in front of US Capitol

A Journey of Education and Adventure

A recipient of the Our World–Underwater Scholarship Society Rolex Scholarship discusses what a year was like with that distinction and honor. The year, she writes, was one of education and adventure.

Diver in a shark cage looks at an exterior great white shark

DAN Member Profile: Bob Talbot

DAN member, photographer and cinematographer Bob Talbot discusses why he is a member and how he became fascinated with the underwater world.

Black-and-white photo of two divers in a wire cage behind a shark

Baja Big and Small

Baja, in the Gulf of California, is home to creatures big and small. Learn more about from this first-person encounter on the critters of Baja.

Two male pikeblennies duel for territory. They're mouths are ensared

Core Quickie

Core muscles are incredibly important for everyday activities, but also for scuba diving. A stronger core reduces the risk of injury when lifting dive gear and it promotes years of pain-free diving. Learn more great core exercises.

Female personal trainer in sports bra and shorts lies on stomach with legs up