Kauai’s Niihau

Get a first-hand look at diving in Kauai’s Niihau. The diver discusses searching for the Niihau volcano and more.

Diver swims behind a giant sea turtle


Spawning is greatly influenced by the moon’s phases and greatly changes the spawning fish’s behaviors. Learn more about spawning.

Massive swarm of spawning two-spot red snapper

A Shark Tale

While trying to eat a fish for lunch, a shark accidentally nipped a diver’s hand instead. The injury was bloody but thankfully, DAN provided needed assistance and guidance.

Blurry image of a shark as he swims above coral.

Military Diving

Military diving has ancient roots and today, is considered an elite classification. Military diving entails risks and responsibilities that go far beyond typical diving. Read more about the history of military diving and how it evolved.

Three divers in military combat fatigues and weapons stand on waterside

Air, Nitrox and Fatigue

Is there any solid evidence to support the observation that nitrox reduces fatigue? The experts weigh in on the intersection of air, nitrox and fatigue.

Man in blue T-shirt rests in front of cylinders

Survive Your Dive

Recommendations created by several safety-oriented organizations want to ensure that scuba remains a safe sport. Read their six recommendations.

Helicopter crew member works with a hoist. The helicopter is above the ocean. A boat is in the background

Right People in the Right Places

After falling off of a boat, a quick-thinking witness was able to provide assistance to an unconscious diver.

Female diver works hard to tow up an unconscious male diver

Trust But Verify

Ensure your dive shop has properly trained and certified technicians. One couple dealt with a terrible ordeal because their scuba cylinders were improperly checked. Read more about the incident.

Badly injurred diver lies in hospital bed near nurse

Shooter: Paul Hilton

Paul Hilton is a renowned photographer and learned early in his career how powerful images could tell and shift a story. Read more about Paul Hilton.

Paul Hilton wears a snorkel and looks at a bird