Dark Waters

Police diving extends the reach of justice thanks to advances in scuba, sonar and other marine technologies. The divers are now more investigators and not just retrievers. Learn more about police diving.

Police diver emerges from water near surrounding crew

Women’s Health in Diving

The recommendations for male and female divers are largely the same, but certain considerations should be made for female divers in regard to physical and physiological differences.

A female diver explores a coral reef

The Effect of Experience on Risk

Even well-experienced divers are still subject to risk, as many incidents are caused by them going beyond their experiences and training. Read more from our experts on the measurement of experience.

Female diver gives OK hand gesture to other female diver

Barotrauma in Bonaire

A 38-year-old diver suffered from a burning sensation in his throat and had discomfort in his neck. The diver had pulmonary barotrauma. Read more about his incident.

A man clutches his chest in pain.

A Culture of Active Risk Management

Risk management is important to ensure we all have fun in our chosen sports safety, and this encompasses a culture of safety. Read more.

Group of divers approach a coral reef

The Perils of Staying Silent

Do not be afraid to raise concerns or suspicions about any aspect of a dive trip. Read one diver’s story of how silence resulted in being stranded at sea for over seven hours.

Four divers tread near red marker


Roatán offers gorgeous beaches and underwater sites — including dolphins, shipwrecks, reef sharks and more. Learn more about diving in Roatán.

Blue-and-yellow angelfish swims near coral

Shooter: Marty Snyderman

Photographer Marty Snyderman uses photography to advocate for the underwater world. Read his story and how he got into scuba diving.

Yellow striped fish being followed by shark


Tobago is a great dive destination for advanced divers because of semi-challenging topside conditions. But the rewards underwater are worth it. Read more about diving in Tobago.

Topside view of Tobago