Women’s Health in Diving

The recommendations for male and female divers are largely the same, but certain considerations should be made for female divers in regard to physical and physiological differences.

A female diver explores a coral reef

Barotrauma in Bonaire

A 38-year-old diver suffered from a burning sensation in his throat and had discomfort in his neck. The diver had pulmonary barotrauma. Read more about his incident.

A man clutches his chest in pain.


Roatán offers gorgeous beaches and underwater sites — including dolphins, shipwrecks, reef sharks and more. Learn more about diving in Roatán.

Blue-and-yellow angelfish swims near coral


Tobago is a great dive destination for advanced divers because of semi-challenging topside conditions. But the rewards underwater are worth it. Read more about diving in Tobago.

Topside view of Tobago

Expedition: Twilight Zone

The “twilight zone” is a narrow band of ocean that falls between 150 and 500 feet — a space well beyond a diver’s limits. Read more about this unique area of ocean.

Rainbow fish in dark waters

Racing Extinction

In the film “Racing Extinction,” a paleontologist discusses how we could quickly lose up to 50 percent of Earth’s species in about 100 years. Learn more about this documentary.

Manta ray gracefully swims over corals

Onward and Downward

A new venture will offer underwater thrill-seekers a glimpse of ancient history through the windows of a luxury submersible. Read more.

SubSea Explorers is using a radical new approach to funding maritime archaeology: taking paying customers deep into the Mediterranean Sea in luxury submarines to view shipwrecks from antiquity.

Year of the Military Diver

How much do you know about military diving programs? This year marks many anniversaries, including the 100-year anniversary of the Mark V diving helmet. Read more.

Old black-and-white image of divers being lowered into water

DAN Member Profile: Chuck Nicklin

DAN member Chuck Nicklin discusses how he got into diving, his work on James Bond films, why he is a DAN member and much more. Read on.

Old-black-and-white photo of diver in a cage with a shark