East of Flores

Indonesia boasts many exotic dive destinations but one region, Flores, has not gone completely mainstream. Learn more about diving the island of Flores in Indonesia.

A volcano blows smoke into the air. The volcano is part of an island in the ocean

An Island to Ourselves: Curaçao

Curaçao is unlike other Caribbean dive destinations in that it is not crowded by tourists. A diver can find just about everything they need both above and below the water. Learn more about how to dive it.

Deep in the Science of Diving

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the U.S. Navy’s Experimental Diving Unit. With experimental set-ups that seem reminiscent of comic books, learn how this unit is changing dive medicine and research.

Two Navy divers performing tests

The Physiology of Compressed-Gas Diving

The breathing of compressed gas while submerged and exposed to increased ambient pressure imposes significant homeostatic challenges on the body. This article discusses the important mechanisms of these challenges, with particular attention to the respiratory system.

Man holds onto dive line

Remembering the Andrea Doria

The SS Andrea Doria is the world’s most iconic shipwreck and sunk more than 60 years ago. Recent reports cite the wreck is deteriorating. Learn more about this iconic shipwreck.

Two divers explore the SS Andrea Doria

Cashes Ledge

Tucked in New England is an underwater landscape that is different from surrounding areas. An underwater mountain range called Cashes Ledge is a great place for divers.

A diver swims over a ledge full of lobsters and kelp

Shooting “The Click Effect”

The film “The Click Effect” uses virtual reality technology to give viewers a deeper connection of ocean wildlife, specifically whales and dolphins.

Two large whales float close to a diver

DAN Member Profile: Bonnie Toth

DAN member Bonnie Toth revolutionized marketing efforts for scuba gear and the scuba world entirely. Learn more about her story and why she is a DAN member.

A blonde woman sits in front of a Mac computer and smiles to the camera

Pretty Boys

Male fish exhibit exquisite colors during mating seasons in hopes to attracts mates. Learn more about these colorful and important rituals.

A group of blue and colorful male mandarinfish hang out by corals

Fitness Myth or Fitness Fact?

Myths are pervasive, especially in the fitness industry. Can you spot fact from fiction in this list of common beliefs in the fitness realm? The right facts can help you reach your goals.

Woman with six-pack abs performs crunches on mat