Diving Georgia’s Jewel

Gray’s Reef lies in the tropical-temperate transition zone, which makes for a colorful community
of marine life not often found coexisting.

Black sea bass pokes its head out of red corals

Parrotfish: Grazers of the Reef

Colorful parrotfish may be vital to a coral reef’s survival. Because of their specific feeding habits — and what they eat — they keep algae down.

Colorful parrotfish are closely packed in a tank

Wrecked in Nova Scotia

A DAN member and several family members were involved in a horrible motorcycle accident in Nova Scotia. Read the story and learn who DAN helped them during a difficult time.

Marijuana & Diving

As marijuana legalization increases throughout the United States, it is important to see how marijuana use could potentially impact a diver’s abilities.

Doctor handling marijuana buds

I’m Taking This Medication…Can I Dive?

Certain medications can impact your health and/or ability to dive. There are important considerations that need to be made before heading into the water.

Knocked over prescription pill bottle

Facial Baroparesis

DAN medics and researchers answer your questions about dive medicine.

Divers hold onto a line and make a safety stop

A Unique Solution

In an effort to improve the facility’s diver rescue capabilities, Dutch Springs recently upgraded its rescue vessel to a custom-built pontoon boat with a platform for transporting an injured diver.

A small pontoon boat pulls up to a ramp. There is an injured diver on the boat

Thirteen-Foot Dive

A young diver performed a shallow dive and later ascended very rapidly. Symptoms were severe but were not decompression sickness. Learn more about the incident.

Female diver next to tower of orange coral

Shooter: Kurt Amsler

Kurt Amsler has been shooting underwater for nearly 60 starts — first using a converted soccer ball to house a camera. Learn more about his inspiration for photos and how he got into scuba diving.

A black-and-white photo of Kurt Amsler as he pops up out of the water holding an old camera

The Big Little

Old macro photography techniques made it hard to go beyond 1:1 ratios. New tools have made supermacro photography readily accessible. This makes it incredibly easy to capture tiny ocean critters in bigger-than-life images.

A close-up of orange clownfish embryos looks very creepy. The embryos look like"The Scream" and the eyes are very beady