Inert Gas Washout

DAN medics and researchers answer your questions about dive medicine.

Four divers pose underwater

Left at Sea

When diving offshore, always carry emergency signaling devices such as a surface marker buoy, signal mirror and emergency strobe.

A group of divers pose in the water. They are holding an emergency signaling device.

Recompression Chamber Safety

DAN promotes safe chamber operations with research, education and training. Learn more about recompression chamber safety.

A group of doctors stand outside of a hyperbaric chamber chatting

Extreme Exposure

Richard Moon, M.D., has spent his career studying phenomena of great interest to scuba divers — including decompression sickness. Learn more about the researcher Richard Moon.

A group of researchers surround a man hooked up to tubes and machines.

Saturation Diving

What is saturation diving? When the diver breathes in inert gas, it dissolves into the body’s tissues and reaches equilibrium with the ambient pressure at the diver’s depth.

A diving bell can be locked out from a saturation chamber and lowered to the seafloor. A moon pool on the underside allows divers to exit and enter the diving bell.

Recompression Chamber Safety

Instead of simply listing requirements relevant to the safe recompression of injured recreational divers, DAN identified real, likely hazards, quantified their significance and presented mitigation guidance for each.