A Day in the Life of an Arctic Cave Diver

Cave diving is hard but doing so in the arctic may be even harder. Read a journal-style entry of what it’s like being a cave diver — physical demands, freezing temperatures, animal encounters, but at least there is hot chocolate.

A diver hovers amid the white limestone walls of Dolinsjö Cave in northern Sweden.

Cozumel Revisited

Cozumel is a year-round diving destination boasting colorful reefs and doesn’t involve many extensive travel logistics. One diver shares his opinion about why he loves going back to Cozumel.

A female diver swims next to a sea turtle.


Tubbataha is located in the Sulu Sea in the middle of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. There are nearly 500 species of fish, 373 species of coral and more marine critters.

An octopus finds debris on the sandy bottom to build a protective dwelling.

Ocean Views 2018: A Sweet Spot in Time

As part of the 2018 Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards annual competition, the Ocean Views category honors those photographers whose skill and creative vision have captured a frozen moment in time that can bring attention to both the bounty and fragility of the marine ecosystems found in and near our underwater world.

An extreme close-up view of the eye of a gray whale

Testing the Waters

Costantino Balestra, Ph.D., has spent his life coming up with groundbreaking hypotheses in research labs and applying them to the real world. Read more about the researcher, his motivation and projects.

Two divers swim below and there are a lot of bubbles around them.

Anatomy of a Commercial Mixed-Gas Dive

The commercial diving industry adopted mixed-gas technology in the 1960s to overcome the limitations of deep air diving. The industry has an exemplary safety record.

A dry welding chamber is lowered to a repair site for installation.

Foam Rolling

Sore muscles? Soothe tired and aching muscles through foam rolling exercises. This form of self-massage is a great way to boost fitness and heal your body.

A personal trainer is demonstrating the proper technique to foam roll the shins

Heartbroken After DCS

A divemaster hopeful had an unfortunate bout of decompression sickness during a routine dive. But it was through DCS treatment, that the diver discovered she had a heart condition.

A diver swims around an old shipwreck