Shooter: Wes Skiles

Wes Skiles was a famous dive photographer who died on a seemingly routine dive. His widow, Terri, discusses her spouse and his career as a photographer.

Cave diver swims through narrow stalactites holing a giant camera

When Gas Goes Bad

Breathing gas is incredibly important to divers and just as important as quantity is quality. Do you know the signs of breathing gas contamination?

Man sniffs the valve of his air cylinder

Behind the Scenes: Shooting Still on “Oceans”

During the filming of “Oceans,” a large number of still photos were taken and used for marketing purposes. Learn more about the shooting process for these images.

Dive photographer films a nearby shark

Bites & Attacks

When provoked or on the defense, marine critters will attack. From seals to otters, and sharks to barracudas, learn prevention and first aid for these scenarios.

The menacing mouth of a barracuda

The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum

When in the Florida Keys, be sure to check out The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum. Divers can learn all about the history. Read more about the museum.

Exterior entrance of the History of Diving Museum in Florida Keys

DAN Member Profile: Kathryn Sullivan

DAN member Dr. Kathryn Sullivan has been deep underwater and deep in outer space. She was the first woman to walk in space. Read more about Sullivan and why she’s a DAN member.

NASA astronaut is submerged in a pool and flanked by safety divers

Front Row Seat

The broadclub cuttlefish is a common, football-sized cephalopod that can be spotted in many places. But, the cuttlefish is always up to different shenanigans!

Broadclub cuttlefish slinks across the seafloor

Rate Your Flexibility

Flexibility is crucial for diving and makes simple tasks easier. How flexible are you? Follow these flexibility tests to rate your efforts.

Woman lies on adjustable reclining lounger with one knee bent toward chest

Diving Wild in Browning Pass, British Columbia

Browning Pass in British Columbia is packed with wildlife and things for divers to see. If you can handle the cool waters, you’re in for a treat at Browning Pass.

Wolf eel chomps down on a hard-shelled crustacean

Arachnid Encounter

While vacationing in Cairns, a tourist suffered delayed-onset symptoms from a poisonous spider bite. Read more about the harrowing story and required evacuation.

An Australian emergency helicopter, in yellow, flies through the skies