To Lie or Not to Lie?

When signing in for a dive, the medical statement can feel both burdensome and an invasion of privacy. You may want to lie. However, medical statements are an important element of dive safety.

Perspective diver prepares to fill out medical statements and cartoony devil and angel are on his shoulders

Sharks of the Bahamas

Two divers who made careers out of photographing and wrangling sharks share the origins of their shark inspiration, as well as the efforts the Bahamas are making to protect these creatures.

Hammerhead shark swims close to camera and shows off its pretty teeth

Man Meets Shark

A diver has made a career out of diving with sharks and introducing people to these creatures. Read more about diving with sharks.

Diver holding a stick comes close to a shark's jaw

Don’t Be Fooled

Relief from symptoms doesn’t always mean a cure. Read one incident of when a diver presented with a rash and received treatment for decompression sickness — but became very combative.

The inside of a hyperbaric chamber is padded and no one is in it.

Bahamas Dive Diversity

It’s impossible to dive the Bahamas in a week — or even a lifetime. A dive photographer recounts their favorite dives to this island.

Three snorkelers wearing brightly colored fins snorkel in the clear waters of the Bahamas

Field Management of Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal injuries can be incredibly problematic. And getting an injured person out of the water promptly is a priority. Learn how to responsibility handle musculoskeletal injuries.

Male diver helps a limping female diver out of a lake to seek injury treatment

India’s Diving Frontier: The Andaman Islands

India’s Andaman Islands are known as the Emerald Isles because of their vibrant green forests. The archipelago stretches roughly 225 miles and consists of about 200 islands. The area offers pristine diving.

A very famous elephant, who loves to swim, goes for a swim in crystal-blue waters

Harvesting Divers at Risk

Miskito divers risk their lives every day just to earn enough to feed their families. DAN traveled to the La Moskita region of Honduras to study the dive practices and lives of local lobster harvesting divers in an effort to learn what can be done to help.

A man is hoisted into a chamber by two hospital workers