Sharks of the Bahamas

Two divers who made careers out of photographing and wrangling sharks share the origins of their shark inspiration, as well as the efforts the Bahamas are making to protect these creatures.

Hammerhead shark swims close to camera and shows off its pretty teeth

Man Meets Shark

A diver has made a career out of diving with sharks and introducing people to these creatures. Read more about diving with sharks.

Diver holding a stick comes close to a shark's jaw

Bahamas Dive Diversity

It’s impossible to dive the Bahamas in a week — or even a lifetime. A dive photographer recounts their favorite dives to this island.

Three snorkelers wearing brightly colored fins snorkel in the clear waters of the Bahamas

India’s Diving Frontier: The Andaman Islands

India’s Andaman Islands are known as the Emerald Isles because of their vibrant green forests. The archipelago stretches roughly 225 miles and consists of about 200 islands. The area offers pristine diving.

A very famous elephant, who loves to swim, goes for a swim in crystal-blue waters

Harvesting Divers at Risk

Miskito divers risk their lives every day just to earn enough to feed their families. DAN traveled to the La Moskita region of Honduras to study the dive practices and lives of local lobster harvesting divers in an effort to learn what can be done to help.

A man is hoisted into a chamber by two hospital workers

Shooter: Wes Skiles

Wes Skiles was a famous dive photographer who died on a seemingly routine dive. His widow, Terri, discusses her spouse and his career as a photographer.

Cave diver swims through narrow stalactites holing a giant camera

Behind the Scenes: Shooting Still on “Oceans”

During the filming of “Oceans,” a large number of still photos were taken and used for marketing purposes. Learn more about the shooting process for these images.

Dive photographer films a nearby shark

The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum

When in the Florida Keys, be sure to check out The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum. Divers can learn all about the history. Read more about the museum.

Exterior entrance of the History of Diving Museum in Florida Keys

DAN Member Profile: Kathryn Sullivan

DAN member Dr. Kathryn Sullivan has been deep underwater and deep in outer space. She was the first woman to walk in space. Read more about Sullivan and why she’s a DAN member.

NASA astronaut is submerged in a pool and flanked by safety divers

Front Row Seat

The broadclub cuttlefish is a common, football-sized cephalopod that can be spotted in many places. But, the cuttlefish is always up to different shenanigans!

Broadclub cuttlefish slinks across the seafloor