Program Spotlight: DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage

Photo by Stephen Frink

Teaching someone to dive doesn’t happen without risk. If an incident or accident occurs, students may find themselves footing expensive medical bills for which traditional health insurance provides minimal or no coverage.

DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage is dive accident insurance designed specifically for new divers in training that DAN fully subsidizes, so there is no cost to students or their instructors. It provides up to $25,000 in medical-expense coverage to entry-level scuba and freediving students for injuries that occur from the beginning of their entry-level confined-water training for up to 180 days after course registration or until immediately after the last certifying open-water dive, whichever comes first.

Tell any dive students you know to ask their instructors to enroll them in DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage. If you are an instructor, demonstrate your commitment to safety every time you teach a course by enrolling all your students in this program. The enrollment process can be completed online in just a few minutes. Log in to your DAN Pro account, click “Enroll Student Divers” under the “Account Tools” section, and then enter your students’ information as prompted.

Once enrolled, students are eligible to upgrade and extend their coverage at any time by becoming DAN members and purchasing a dive accident insurance policy that best fits the dive lifestyle they plan to pursue. New divers choosing a policy with the guidance of an experienced instructor are much more likely to choose a policy that adequately meets their needs. By helping students stay covered both during and after their training, DAN instructors set themselves apart from the rest.

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