Scuba Geocaching

Geocaching is a sport of high-tech treasure hunting and as popularity grew, it soon went underwater, too. Scuba geocaching combines the thrill of treasure hunting with scuba for a fun experience. Learn more about scuba geocaching.

Two divers hold flashlights and are searching for treasure

The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum

When in the Florida Keys, be sure to check out The Florida Keys History of Diving Museum. Divers can learn all about the history. Read more about the museum.

Exterior entrance of the History of Diving Museum in Florida Keys

Gar Waterman: The Sea Slug Sculptor

Known for their striking colors, patterns and forms, nudibranchs are found in seas all over the world. Sculptor Gar Waterman’s fascination with these sea slugs extends beyond his aesthetic appreciation for their unique, organic form. Because most nudibranchs have a life span of less than a year and adapt rapidly to changes in their environment, they help scientists understand the impact of global warming on ocean health. With each nudibranch that he has cut, chiseled and polished from stone, Waterman hopes to communicate their quirky beauty and scientific role.

A New Mission

Force Blue involves highly skilled military veterans in marine conservation efforts. The veterans work with marine scientists on initiatives including invasive species (lionfish) removal.

Two divers extract invasive lionfish

Program Spotlight: DAN Presents 2021 Webinar Series

The 2021 DAN Live webinar series will help promote a culture of safety and spark community connections online. Presented by DAN experts from our research, risk mitigation, medicine, training and insurance teams, the new DAN Live series will cover various topics, including fill station safety, ear barotrauma, DAN research updates, the latest information about COVID-19 and diving, and more. Sessions will occur on the third Thursday of each month.

A tablet screen shows the landing page for the DAN webinar series.

Patent Foramen Ovale and Fitness to Dive

A PFO is a passage in the wall between the right and left atria of the heart that can be found in about 25 percent of adults. Its size and the degree of blood flow through it vary. It can greatly impact diving.

A surgeon prepares to place an occluder in the heart of a patient with a patent foramen ovale (PFO).

Overfishing Aids Sponges, Hurts Corals on Caribbean Reefs

Overfishing coral reefs in the Caribbean has enabled sponges to predate and thrive on reefs. Read more about the impacts of overfishing and learn what divers can do about overfishing.

Sponge feasting on a coral

Occupational Hazards

A National Geographic dive photographer discusses the training he needed to capture one specific shot. Thanks to specific trainings, the photographer is able to dive safely and capture his shots.

Rebreather diver pops his head out of the water

A Journey of Education and Adventure

A recipient of the Our World–Underwater Scholarship Society Rolex Scholarship discusses what a year was like with that distinction and honor. The year, she writes, was one of education and adventure.

Diver in a shark cage looks at an exterior great white shark