Exceptional Readiness

A first-of-its-kind course is designed to teach military medical and graduate nursing students underwater emergency response. It ensures that medical staff are prepared to treat military service members.

Training in the water, a group of medics surround a man and learn how to provide medical assistance.

The 1733 Shipwrecks of the Florida Keys

Research has proven the importance of shipwrecks in marine environments and two leading researchers are continuing to preach that message in the Florida Keys.

Several submerged cannons in the waters in the Florida Keys

Melting Down

Starfish populations are dramatically decreasing up and d own the West Coast as a result of a mysterious disease. There were massive die-offs that sounded alarms.

Starfish appear melted into the ground

DAN Member Profile: Sally Bauer

Dr. Sally Bauer is an accomplished diver and marine biologist who is also incredibly passionate about diving and marine life.

Bauer stands with a chromed Morse helmet in the museum’s Diving History Research Library.

Mystery Wreck of Prince Edward County

There are two mystery shipwrecks lying offshore in Canadas’ Prince Edward County. The wreck and its discovery are a mystery.

The wreck known as Petrie 2 lies in the icy depths of eastern Lake Ontario.

DAN Member Profile: Deano Cook

Tattoo artist Deano Cook is also an accomplished painter and underwater photographer. The DAN member discusses how he got into scuba diving and what he enjoys about the sport.

Tattoo artist Deano Cook wears scuba gear

Studying Deep Reefs and Deep Divers

Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM) in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands is the largest marine conservation area in the United States and one of the largest in the world. Studying the biodiversity of the Hawaiian archipelago using scuba has given scientists a unique opportunity to monitor the physiological impacts of deep dives and thus expand our knowledge of diving science, particularly decompression risk.

Researcher photographs coral and fish

Member to Member: Giving Back

An ophthalmologist set up a team to perform eye surgeries in Grenada as a way to give back to the local community. More than 100 children received eye exams.

An ophthalmologist performs an eye test on a little girl in Grenada

The Restoration Revolution

Coral restoration projects are currently underway in the Florida Keys to help rebuild these reefs from the ground up. Coral nurseries off the coast of Florida, grow and later transfer corals.

Elkhorn corals sit at the bottom of the sea