Travel Smarter: Liveaboard Diving

While there are many great local and land-based destinations, a liveaboard might be the ultimate experience for a vacation dedicated to diving. But the benefits of liveaboard diving, such as traveling to incredible dive sites that can’t be reached from shore and filling your days with dives, require some extra preparation. If you have decided to take the plunge on your first liveaboard trip, here are some tips to ensure smooth sailing.

Gateway to the Gulf Stream

Located in Miami, Fla., the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science boasts a magnificent aquarium where the goal is to get people interested in science and marine life.

A happy shark swims at an aquarium

Exploring the Heart of Bell Island

The Bell Island mines were attacked in WWII, and today, artifacts from the mine are submerged underwater making an interesting dive expedition. Crews are set to visually archive the artifacts.

A female diver is submerged and documenting sunken artifacts

DAN Member Profile: Jon Landau

Jon Landau is an avid scuba diver and DAN member. He’s traveled the world for dive destinations, but his favorite will always be the Florida Keys. Read more about Landau.

Jon Landau watches a goliath grouper in Key Largo, Fla.

Member Profile: Guy Harvey

DAN member Guy Harvey, Ph.D., is a gifted artist and depicts marine life in dramatic ways. His work acts as a way to champion for the oceans. Read more about Guy Harvey’s story.

Guy Harvey paints a marlin

Confronting Cardiovascular Hazards

Cardiovascular hazards are a concern in older divers and are a cause of dive fatalities. Read more about how DAN Research is combating these cardiovascular hazards.

A researcher uses echocardiography to observe a diver’s heart after a dive.

DAN Member Profile: Nathan Myhrvold

DAN member Nathan Myhrvoid is an accomplished student racking up a variety of degrees. He’s an author, chef, entrepreneur, photographer and diver. Read more about this DAN member.

Bearded man in chef's apron stands in front of a fire oven

The Silver Anniversary of the USCGC Duane

A quarter-century has passed since the sinking of the U.S. Coast Guard cutters Bibb and Duane. However, these ships later became excellent dive sites. Read more.

US Coast Guard cutter floats on the ocean

Changing Oceans, Changing Lives

Ocean education geared toward children and teens has increased in popularity and offerings. These classes can educate students about marine environments and their importance. Read more about ocean education initiatives.

Three student scientists examine vial of water

It Takes a Village

Ocean literacy is important for the public to make informed decisions about ocean restoration efforts and to take increased individual responsibility in those efforts. Younger generations are crucial for developing an ocean literate society, but adequate ocean science education is a challenge for underserved and underfunded schools. Informal educational opportunities run by the Black Girls Dive Foundation (BGDF) fill the knowledge gap and are a resource for environmentally minded students.

BGDF scholars clean coral at the coral nursery with the Coral Restoration Foundation.