Member to Member: Giving Back

An ophthalmologist set up a team to perform eye surgeries in Grenada as a way to give back to the local community. More than 100 children received eye exams.

An ophthalmologist performs an eye test on a little girl in Grenada

Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

Carbon monoxide (CO), an odorless, tasteless and invisible toxic gas that could find its way into your scuba cylinder, has caused the deaths of divers all around the world.

Old woman in a straw hat is smoking a cigarette in her garden

Travel Smarter: DAN Offers New Travel Insurance Programs

With travel to become more available soon, DAN’s newly released travel insurance offerings enable you to stay in control of your adventure. Our new trip and annual programs are backed by DAN’s 40 years of experience and expertise and offer protections for a wide range of travel-related situations. You can purchase an annual plan to cover all your travel for a year or a trip plan to cover a single trip. The available options ensure there’s a plan that’s right for your needs.

A diver is in the water at the surface at dusk as a liveaboard waits nearby.

The DAN Board of Directors

Meet the DAN Board of Directors. Their breadth of experience is impressive, and their dedication to scuba diving and safety is abundantly clear.

Seven men and two women pose in DAN headquarters. They are the DAN Board of Directors.

Back to Britannic

The Britannic is a quintessential wreck dive for experienced technical divers, but there are hurdles to viewing it. Read one diver’s story about returning to the Britannic.

A boat with red bottom in water

Diving into History in the Florida Keys

A once unidentified shipwreck in the Florida Keys was identified thanks to the help of volunteers and organizations. The wreck is part of Florida Keys history. Read more.

Volunteer diver takes notes on a shipwreck

SCUBAnauts: Rising to the Challenge

SCUBAnauts is an organization that provides hands-on marine science education. SCUBAnauts has worked on reef restoration projects to turtle and fish studies. Read more.

Group of diving nerds stand in front of US Capitol

Scuba Rejuvenation

Scuba diving can be incredibly rejuvenating and rehabilitating to veterans wounded in duty. Read more about a program that focuses on teaching veterans this sport.

Two divers swim over jagged rocks

DAN Member Profile: Michael Lang

DAN member Michael Lang is an accomplished scientist who made significant contributions to Antarctic science. Read more about the career of Lang and his interest in marine science.

Male scuba diver chases after a silver fish

Behind the Scenes: Shooting Still on “Oceans”

During the filming of “Oceans,” a large number of still photos were taken and used for marketing purposes. Learn more about the shooting process for these images.

Dive photographer films a nearby shark