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DAN is here to help before you leave on your next dive adventure. Contact DAN’s member services team by phone at +1 (919) 684-2948 Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:00pm EST or by sending an email to  for assistance.

Why Do I Need Dive Accident Insurance?

Your primary medical insurance may exclude diving as a hazardous recreational activity and/or may not provide coverage when you are traveling out of the country. If it does provide coverage, it may pay only a minimal amount for chamber treatments.

There may be large out-of-pocket payments for deductibles and co-pays. These alone can total thousands of dollars.

Can I Purchase Dive Accident Insurance Without A DAN Membership?

DAN Membership is required before dive accident insurance can be purchased. Dive accident insurance cannot be purchased alone.

What Does Non-Diving Accident Coverage Include?

The Guardian and Preferred dive accident insurance plans provide Non-Diving Accident Coverage for  Accident Medical Expenses incurred outside your home country.  The Guardian dive accident insurance plan also provides Named Water Sport Accident coverage while on a trip at least 50 miles/80 km from your home, for Accident Medical expenses, Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits, and Permanent and Total Disability benefits.  View Compare Coverage for complete terms and conditions.

Can I Purchase Dive Accident Insurance If I Am Age 70 Or Older?

Yes, DAN offers multiple dive accident insurance plans for divers age 70 and older. Pricing and availability varies by state so explore our dive accident insurance options for members 70 and over for the most current information.

Can Canadian Residents Purchase Dive Accident Insurance?

As a DAN member, Canadian residents (except for residents of Quebec) can purchase dive accident insurance to complement DAN membership. Explore our Canadian dive accident insurance page for more details.

Is DAN Dive Accident Insurance Valid For International Diving?

Yes, DAN covers local and international diving.

How Much Do Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments Typically Cost?

The cost of hyperbaric chamber treatments vary.  However, the cost could range from $330-$1000 per hour plus the costs of medication and physician fees. Costs depend on how many treatments are required, the location of the dive accident and the hyperbaric chamber facility.

What Does Loss Of Diving Equipment Cover?*

If Diving Equipment is lost or unintentionally damaged due to a Covered Diving Accident, this benefit will pay the present market value of the Diving Equipment at the time of the loss or damage, up to the Benefit Limit. If any item that was lost or damaged is part of an assembly of items, then the benefit is limited to the part that was lost or damaged.

*View Compare Coverage for complete terms and conditions.

Do I Need To Be A Certain Distance From Home Before Dive Accident Insurance Coverage Takes Effect?

DAN dive accident insurance provides global coverage. There is no minimum distance from home required before coverage goes into effect.

Does Every Family Member On My Account Need Their Own Dive Accident Insurance Plan?

The DAN family membership allows the addition of family members at a preferred rate. However, each family member must be covered under their own Dive Accident Insurance Plan. Family members can be covered under different plans.

How Do I File A Claim?

  1. For any dive injury or claim questions
    or to request a claim form, contact:
    DAN Services, Inc.
    Attn: DAN Claims
    6 West Colony Place, Suite 200
    Durham, NC 27705
    Phone: +1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948
    Fax: +1-919-490-6630
  2. Complete the claim form in full.
    Please answer all questions completely. If you don’t, the form may be returned to you and could delay payment of the claim. Be sure to sign the claim form.
  3. Ask the hospital and/or doctor to complete 
    the reverse side of the Form and return it to you. If an invoice is available, ask them to attach it to the form.
  4. Attach any other bills, documents or statements that apply to the claim. It is important that they contain the right information.
  5. Make copies of your forms and bills for your records — your originals will not be returned.
  6. If you received a payment from any other Insurance, you must send the Explanation of Benefits with your bills before your claim can be settled.
  7. Please forward your package to:
    DAN Services, Inc.
    Attn: DAN Claims
    6 West Colony Place, Suite 200
    Durham, NC 27705
    Phone: +1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948
    Fax: +1-919-490-6630

What Is The Refund Policy For Dive Accident Insurance?

DAN dive accident insurance plans provide coverage from the date of purchase. If you have not departed on your trip or collected benefits under the DAN dive accident insurance plan, you have the right to cancel your insurance for a full refund within 10 days of purchase.  

Other requests for full or partial refunds will be evaluated on the facts of each request. Once you have collected benefits under your dive accident insurance plan, a refund is not permissible. To initiate the refund process, each person covered under a dive accident insurance plan must submit a request to cancel in writing with a handwritten signature (document can be scanned or emailed).

For residents of Indiana, New Hampshire and Washington, please refer to your Insurance Policy for details.

Are Commercial Diving Activities Covered Under Dive Accident Insurance Plans?

Commercial diving is not covered. DAN offers dive accident insurance for recreational divers. A covered dive or a covered diving activity means a recreational dive or diving while a scuba instructor, dive master, underwater photographer, or while performing research under the auspices of a Underwater Scientist (AAUS), Canadian Academy of Underwater Scientist (CAUS) or a group whose written diving research protocol meets or exceeds those of the AAUS or CAUS. A covered dive begins upon entry into the water and ends upon exit from the water and the covered dive must begin while the dive accident insurance is in force.

How Do I Change My Beneficiary?

Contact DAN and we will be happy to update your account.

What Does Dive Accident Insurance Accident Medical Expense Benefit Cover?

Covered charges include the reasonable and customary cost of medically necessary services and supplies provided for the care and treatment of a Covered Diving Accident, up to the Benefit Limit, when prescribed, performed or ordered by a physician incurred within 365 days of the accident. This includes:

  • Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment
  • Physician’s Charges for Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment medical care and surgical operations
  • Ambulance transportation by ground, air or marine ambulance services to the nearest Hospital or Hyperbaric Chamber where prescribed care or treatment can be given
  • Hospital charges

View Compare Coverage for complete terms and conditions.

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24/7 Emergency Hotline

In event of a dive accident/injury, call local EMS first then call DAN.

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DAN must arrange transportation for covered emergency medical evacuation fees to be paid.

Medical Information Line

Get answers to your non-emergency related, health and diving questions.

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ONLINE: Ask A Medic

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For residents of NY, insurance is underwritten by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, NAIC No. 70106 domiciled in the state of New York, with its principal place of business of 28 Liberty Street, Floor 45th, New York, NY 10005-1400. It is currently authorized to transact business in all states, plus DC, except PR. This summary is a brief description of benefits only and is subject to the terms, conditions and limitations. Coverage may vary by state.  AG 12070

For residents of all other U.S. states and the District of Columbia insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., a Pennsylvania insurance company with its principal place of business at 1271 Ave of the Americas FL 37, New York, NY 10020-1304. It is currently authorized to conduct insurance business in all states and the District of Columbia. NAIC No. 19445. This summary provides only brief descriptions of the coverages available. The issued policy and certificate will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions, definitions and termination provisions. Full details of the coverage will be contained in the issued policy and certificate. If there are any conflicts between this summary and the issued policy and certificate, the policy and certificate shall govern in all cases. Coverage may vary by state or may not be available in all states.

In Canada, DAN World Dive Accident Insurance is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch) 100 King Street West, Suite 5500, P.O. Box 290, Toronto, ON M5X 1C9 CANADA