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With DAN Regular Membership, you’ll enjoy essential benefits designed to help make you a safer, smarter diver.

Emergency Medical Transportation & Travel Assistance BenefitsUp To US$150,000Up To US$500,000
Alert Diver Magazine SubscriptionDigital OnlyPrint + Digital
DAN TravelAssist® BenefitsRegularEnhanced
Global Security EvacuationX
Search & Rescue CoverageX
Access To Purchase DAN Dive Accident Insurance
24/7 Emergency Hotline
Medical & Safety Consultations
Annual Individual MembershipUS$40US$75
Annual Family MembershipUS$60US$100

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One Low Annual Membership Fee Provides Benefits All Year

Dive confidently knowing that you have the world’s leading dive safety organization on your side.

Emergency Medical Transportation

Up to US$150,000 Emergency Medical Transportation & Travel Assistance Benefits for diving and nondiving medical emergencies any time you travel more than 50 miles from home.

24/7 Emergency Hotline

DAN’s Emergency Hotline is staffed by a team of doctors, nurses, and paramedics 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to coordinate care and manage evacuations in the event of a dive travel emergency.


Access To Purchase Dive Accident Insurance

Join first, then purchase DAN’s dive accident insurance plans, which help cover hyperbaric chamber treatment, physicians’ charges, emergency transportation and hospital charges.


Medical Information Line

Talk to a medical specialist or Ask A Medic online when you need nonurgent information about your fitness to dive, prescriptions, or dive physiology.


Digital Access To Alert Diver Magazine

DAN Regular Membership provides digital access to Alert Diver magazine online or through the DAN app available on the App Store or Google Play.


Online Safety Resources

Improve your safety knowledge with DAN’s Health and Diving Reference Library, case summaries, safety quizzes, Smart Guides, and videos.

DAN membership alone does not provide coverage for costs of a dive accident; dive accident insurance must be purchased separately for each member.

Read the DAN member handbook for complete benefit details.

Even More Reasons To Join DAN

DAN Regular Membership also includes DAN TravelAssist benefits that are ideal for anyone who loves domestic or international travel, watersports and other outdoor activities.


Visit Of Family Member Or Friend

DAN TravelAssist will arrange for an economy round-trip ticket to the location of the Hospital,
accom­modations and meals, for a person chosen by the Insured Member to travel to the site of his or her
hospitalization and return to the point of that person’s departure.


Visit Of A Traveling Companion

DAN TravelAssist will arrange to provide the Traveling Companion with
one-way economy transportation to the location of the Hospital, accom­modations and meals,
to allow the Traveling Companion to remain near the Insured Member.


Return Of Dependent Children

DAN TravelAssist will arrange to provide the children with one-way economy transportation
to return them Home if during the course of a Trip an Insured Member is traveling alone with his
or her minor dependent children and suffers a Medical Emergency.


Return Of Traveling Companion

DAN TravelAssist will arrange to provide the Trav­eling Companion with one-way economy
transportation to return them to their original return destination if during the course of a
Trip an Insured Member has suffered a Medical Emergency and the Traveling Companion's
transportation ticket is no longer valid.


Return of Vehicle

DAN TravelAssist will arrange for the cost of returning the unattended vehicle to the
rental agency or to the Insured Member's Home if during the course of a Trip an Insured Mem­ber is 
hospitalized or requires an Emergency Evacuation or Medi­cally Necessary Transfer.


Emergency Message Transmission

DAN TravelAssist will receive and relay emergency messages
to and from Your Family and/or em­ployer.


Emergency Cash Advances

When possible, DAN TravelAssist will provide You with a cash advance of up to
US $500 (or equivalent lo­cal currency) for medical emergencies with an acceptable
guarantee of reimbursement from either You or Your insurance.


Lost Or Stolen Item Recovery Assistance

When a Mem­ber has had luggage, documents, credit cards, or personal
items lost or stolen, DAN TravelAssist will aid the Member in reporting
the lost or stolen items to the appropriate authorities.


General Assistance

DAN TravelAssist will provide advice regarding how to utilize services available
in consulates and in government agencies and provided by translators and other
service providers who assist with travel-related problems.


Travel Arrangement Assistance

DAN TravelAssist will help coordinate emergency travel arrangements and
hotel reservations, help replace lost or stolen airline tickets and more.


Insurance Claims Assistance

DAN TravelAssist will help the Insured Member ver­ify insurance coverage,
guarantee payments to medi­cal care providers and
obtain information for insurance claims.


Pre-Trip Information

Members may obtain information for each country to be visited concerning
immunization requirements, pass­port and visa requirements and more.


Emergency Prescription Replacement Assistance

DAN TravelAssist will consult with the prescribing physician, and locate
and arrange to send your replacement medications and/or prescriptions when
it’s possible and legally permissible to do so.


Medical Expense Advances

Hospital admittance or discharge deposits will be advanced
up to $5,000 by DAN TravelAssist with an acceptable guarantee of
reimbursement from either You or Your insurance.


Medical Monitoring

DAN TravelAssist and its staff will establish communication with
the local attending medical provider and obtain as much information
as possible about the situation and begin to monitor the Member’s condition.


Legal Referrals

Referrals to local qualified attorneys are provided in the area in
which You are traveling. Telephone interpretation can be provided when necessary.

View All DAN Membership Benefits

View the Member Benefits Handbook for complete terms and conditions of coverage.


Frequently Asked Questions

At DAN we are here to help. Explore these FAQs and get the information you need.

Can divers from anywhere in the world join DAN?

DAN membership and dive accident insurance are available for people who have their principal primary residence in the United States or Canada. If you live in another country, membership and dive accident insurance are available through one of DAN’s international entities. To locate the appropriate international DAN office for your region, go to our contact page.

How much does DAN membership cost?

Divers and travelers can choose Regular Membership or Enhanced Membership. The rates start as low as US$40 per year for an individual Regular Membership. Dive operators and businesses can become members for US$100 per year.

Is the cost of DAN membership paid monthly or annually?

Both Regular Membership and Enhanced Membership have an annual fee that provides benefits for an entire year. There are no recurring costs associated with DAN membership.

Does the membership fee have to be paid in full at time of enrollment?

DAN requires that membership fees be paid in full (in a single payment) at the time of enrollment. Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card. We do not offer a payment plan for membership.

Can I purchase a monthly membership?

DAN’s Enhanced Membership is the newest level of membership available. It includes all the benefits of Regular Membership. DAN offers annual memberships only, and we have designed our memberships to be affordable for all. Paying in monthly installments is not possible.

Are lifetime memberships available?

DAN offers annual memberships only. Lifetime memberships are not available.

Who can be covered by my family membership?

A family membership will cover you; your spouse, domestic partner, or partner in a civil union; and all unmarried dependent children who you support, including foster children, adopted children, and stepchildren, provided that they are age 8 to age 17 (or up to age 23 if they are a full-time student at an accredited school or college and not employed on a full-time basis) and have the same permanent home address as you. Family members must be listed in the membership record in DAN’s database to have access to membership benefits.

After joining, how long does it take for my benefits to become active?

Membership and insurance go into effect as soon as DAN receives payment. You can get immediate coverage by joining online or by calling +1-800-446-2671 and paying by credit card (Discover, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). 

Can I upgrade my Regular Membership to Enhanced Membership? 

Yes, you can upgrade at any time by calling DAN Member Services at +1-919-684-2948.

Can I get a print subscription to Alert Diver without being a member?

The print edition of Alert Diver magazine is an exclusive benefit of DAN Enhanced Membership. Members who have Regular Memberships can enjoy the digital editions of Alert Diver, available via the DAN app and DAN.org.

Do members who have a Regular Membership receive the print edition of Alert Diver

No, members who have a Regular Membership have access to the digital editions of Alert Diver.

Will I get a membership card?

Membership cards are mailed to new and renewing members (in the U.S. only) following enrollment. If you do not receive a membership card, please contact DAN Member Services. Members can also access a digital member card online through the DAN member portal at members.DAN.org.

Are DAN membership dues tax deductible?

Membership dues are not tax deductible. However, because DAN’s operations are considered charitable and in the public interest under U.S. and North Carolina nonprofit codes, all donations to DAN are tax deductible.

Why did I receive a second and final notice if I already renewed my membership?

Several renewal notices are sent to DAN members as their renewal date approaches to ensure uninterrupted access to member benefits. Sometimes a renewal notice is sent before a payment is registered to your account. This issue normally resolves promptly when payment is logged by our system. To confirm receipt of your payment, call DAN Member Services at +1-919-684-2948, Mon-Fri, 8:30am – 5:00pm ET. 

How do I cancel my membership?

Contact DAN Member Services at +1-919-684-2948 to cancel your membership.

Does DAN membership cover hyperbaric chamber treatments and other medical costs?

No. If you need insurance coverage for the medical costs related to diving accidents, please purchase DAN dive accident insurance once you become a member. Dive accident insurance is not automatically included with membership. Plans start at $US42 per year and provide insurance specifically for dive accidents.

Is the emergency medical evacuation benefit applicable to dive emergencies only?

As a DAN member, you receive DAN TravelAssist which includes emergency medical evacuation benefits. These benefits help with both diving and nondiving medical emergencies while you are on a trip at least 50 miles or more (80 km) from home. To use this member benefit you MUST first contact DAN TravelAssist through the DAN Emergency Hotline (+1-919-684-9111) BEFORE making any evacuation arrangements.

Can I arrange my own evacuation before contacting DAN?

No, you must contact DAN TravelAssist first before an evacuation or you may be responsible for the costs incurred — which can easily exceed US$50,000. All emergency medical evacuation arrangements must be handled by DAN TravelAssist.

How do I get reimbursed for an emergency medical evacuation?

Since any emergency medical evacuation must be authorized by and coordinated through DAN TravelAssist in order to be covered, there are no out of pocket costs, so reimbursement is not necessary.

I added dive accident insurance to my membership. How do I file a claim?

To submit a claim or request a claim form, please contact:

DAN Services, Inc.
Attn: DAN Claims
6 West Colony Place, Suite 200
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: +1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948
Fax: +1-919-490-6630

Complete the claim form in full. Please answer all questions completely. If you don’t, the form may be returned to you, which could delay settlement of the claim. Be sure to sign the claim form.

Ask the hospital and/or doctor to complete the reverse side of the form and return it to you. If an invoice is available, ask them to attach it to the form. Attach any other bills, documents or statements that apply to the claim. It is important that they contain the right information.

Make copies of your forms and bills for your records — your originals will not be returned.

If you received a payment from any other insurance, you must send the Explanation of Benefits with your bills before your claim can be settled.

Send the package to:

DAN Services, Inc.
Attn: DAN Claims
6 West Colony Place, Suite 200
Durham, NC 27705
Phone: +1-800-446-2671 or +1-919-684-2948
Fax: +1-919-490-6630

How do I use DAN TravelAssist?

Members should call DAN’s 24/7 Emergency Hotline (+1-919-684-9111) to arrange assistance.

Will DAN automatically repatriate me after a medical emergency?

DAN TravelAssist will not pay to transport you or a covered family member to your place of residence after a covered medical emergency if there are closer suitable medical facilities that can provide appropriate care for your medical condition.

Will my address or phone number be sold or made available to solicitors?

DAN is committed to protecting your privacy and uses your personal information only to process orders and provide you with the highest level of service. Your information will not be sold. For complete details, please review our privacy policy.

DAN Customer Service

Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

+1 (919) 684-2948

+1 (800) 446-2671

Fax: +1 (919) 490-6630


24/7 Emergency Hotline

In event of a dive accident or injury, call local EMS first, then call DAN.

24/7 Emergency Hotline:

+1 (919) 684-9111

(Collect calls accepted)

DAN must arrange transportation for covered emergency medical evacuation fees to be paid.

Medical Information Line

Get answers to your nonemergency health and diving questions.

Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

+1 (919) 684-2948, Option 4

Online: Ask A Medic

(Allow 24-48 hours for a response.)

DAN Regular and Enhanced Membership include automatic enrollment in DAN TravelAssist®. Emergency Medical Transportation and Travel Assistance Benefits are available for both diving and non-diving emergencies, with an aggregate benefit limit for Regular Membership up to $150,000 ($100,000 for residents of NY) and an aggregate benefit limit for Enhanced Membership up to $500,000. Enhanced Membership not available for residents of NY.

DAN TravelAssist® benefits are provided by DAN, Travel Guard, and other service providers depending on the benefit. To access these benefits or to request emergency medical transportation or a severe infectious disease evacuation, you must contact DAN TravelAssist for assistance. Emergency medical transportation and severe infectious disease evacuation transportation arranged directly by you may not be reimbursed.

Emergency Medical Transportation and Travel Assistance Benefits and Severe Infectious Disease and Quarantine Coverage Benefits are insured benefits underwritten for residents in the District of Columbia and in all states except New York, by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa., a Pennsylvania insurance company, with its principal place of business at 1271 Ave of the Americas FL 37, New York, NY 10020-1304. It is currently authorized to conduct insurance business in all states and the District of Columbia. NAIC No. 19445. 

For residents of NY, Emergency Medical Transportation and Travel Assistance Benefits insurance is underwritten by The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, NAIC No. 70106 domiciled in the state of New York, with its principal place of business of 28 Liberty Street, Floor 45th, New York, NY 10005-1400.

This is only a brief description of the coverage(s) available. The Policy will contain reductions, limitations, exclusions, definitions and termination provisions. Coverage may vary by state or may not be available in all states.

In Canada, DAN World Dive Accident Insurance is underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd (Canadian Branch) 100 King Street West, Suite 5500, P.O. Box 290, Toronto, ON M5X 1C9 CANADA