Lobster Mini-Season Safety

On average, lobster mini-season results in two dive fatalities each year. Learn what you need to know to avoid becoming a statistic.

Each lobster season is marked by unexpected injuries and fatalities as divers rush to get into the water. With Florida’s mini-season in particular, eagerness to get in the water combined with a 48 hour season and restricted bag limits can push divers to exceed the limits of their fitness, preparation, and skill level, leading to dive accidents. In fact, research shows that hunters are more likely to run out of air or experience gas embolisms than non-hunters as a result of task loading or distraction. Take the time to prepare for your hunting season now – know the risks before you go so you can focus on filling your bag when the time comes.

Only you can keep yourself safe during a dive. Know your personal limits and recognize when you are exceeding them. Relying on the experience of other divers and pushing past your comfort level puts you at risk – remember that anyone can call off the hunt at any time, for any reason.

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Always check your air and dive with a buddy.

Always use a dive flag.