Saturation Diving

What is saturation diving? When the diver breathes in inert gas, it dissolves into the body’s tissues and reaches equilibrium with the ambient pressure at the diver’s depth.

A diving bell can be locked out from a saturation chamber and lowered to the seafloor. A moon pool on the underside allows divers to exit and enter the diving bell.

Low-Visibility Diving

WEATHER, SILTY SEDIMENT, time of day, or water movement are just a few natural factors among the range of possible causes that can influence the visibility at your dive site. […]

Freediving: Seeking and Finding Our Limits

WHEN YOU GROW UP IN THE FLORIDA KEYS, the Atlantic Ocean is your backyard and the Gulf of Mexico is the front — or as the locals say, the ocean […]

Expanding My Dive Portfolio

MY FACE IS STARTING TO FEEL NUMB, but at least my body and toes are still warm. The way the sunlight dances through the towering kelp is enchanting, and I’m […]

My Path to Cave Diving

Every documentary filmmaker eventually dreams of making an IMAX® film. After all, it’s the biggest, most impressive film format in the world. Who wouldn’t want to see their film on a 70-foot screen? For years I dreamed of making my first IMAX film.

Crystal Caves of Abaco

Underwater Crime Scene Investigators

THROUGHOUT HISTORY, CRIMINALS HAVE LOOKED TO BODIES of water as safe places to dispose of and forever hide evidence of their crimes.

Aquarium Diving

Aquarium divers are crucial in keeping the habitats clean and the animals healthy. To be come an aquarium diver requires additional training and learning how to apply their old skills in new ways. Learn more about aquarium diving.

Aquarium diver swims next to a shark

River Diving

MANY DIVERS AND NONDIVERS ALIKE envision the ideal scuba dive as a coral reef in warm, clear water surrounded by a myriad of beautiful fish. River diving, on the other […]

Anatomy of a Commercial Mixed-Gas Dive

The commercial diving industry adopted mixed-gas technology in the 1960s to overcome the limitations of deep air diving. The industry has an exemplary safety record.

A dry welding chamber is lowered to a repair site for installation.

Diving in Remote Destinations

Whether your plans involve recreational or technical diving, hiring dive operators in remote locations requires several considerations — and there are additional safety factors to consider when going to these remote destinations.

A diver dives around rocks and corals