Without Bubbles

Rebreathers do create an added complexity to a dive, but they can be incredibly useful. Learn more about how rebreathers work, benefits and challenges to their use and practical applications.

A rebreather diver, holding a camera, tries to take a photo of a nearby shark

Diving in the Dark

Diving at night is a memorable experience because many nocturnal creatures come out to mate and feed. It requires a bit more equipment and training, but you can easily make your night dives as enjoyable as those in the daylight.

Two divers use flashlights to brighten a plant

Dark Waters

Police diving extends the reach of justice thanks to advances in scuba, sonar and other marine technologies. The divers are now more investigators and not just retrievers. Learn more about police diving.

Police diver emerges from water near surrounding crew

Altitude and Decompression Sickness

High altitude is linked to decompression sickness — why divers should not fly immediately after diving. But what about diving at altitude? Read more about altitude and decompression sickness.

Diver walks into mountain lake to start dive

Gradient Factors

While dive computers are helpful, they are limited in predicting decompression stress. Dive computers track dive profiles but don’t integrate in other factors. Read more about the limitations of dive computers.

Two divers holding a mooring line next to reef

Wreck Exploration

Shipwrecks are like time capsules of maritime history. Divers of all abilities can appreciate shipwrecks. Gain some great tips and ideas on how to safely dive shipwrecks.

Diver opens the door of a shipwreck

Technical Diving

Technical diving requires additional gear, training and knowledge, but once you become comfortable with tech diving, you can do a lot. Learn more about technical diving and if it is a right option for you.

A tech diver floats through a wreck

Backplate Buoyancy Systems

More-experienced divers prefer the backplate buoyancy system because of its rock-solid stability and simple harness system. Read more about backplate buoyancy systems.

Drysuit diver surfaces and is wearing a backplate buoyancy system

Sidemount — Not Just for Cave Divers Anymore

Sidemount gear configuration creates a lower profile in the water enabling people to explore new environments easier. Sidemount is no longer considered something exclusive to tech divers and is moving into the recreational dive space.

Cave diver with side-mounted tanks swims through a narrow passage