Always Ready

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the U.S. Coast Guard Diving Program. With its rigorous testing, do you have what it takes to make the cut?

A U.S. Coast Guard Diver jumps off a dock and into the water


It may be time for you to try freediving. Test your limits and push your abilities by picking up freediving. Learn about the safety, gear and more needed to be successful in the sport.

Freediver, holding a camera, swims through a wreck

Freediving: Seeking and Finding Our Limits

WHEN YOU GROW UP IN THE FLORIDA KEYS, the Atlantic Ocean is your backyard and the Gulf of Mexico is the front — or as the locals say, the ocean and the bay. Fins are your enclosed footwear, and your mask and snorkel dangle from your elbow after school or on weekends. You never know […]

Empowering a Spectacle

What does it take to be a safety diver for Cirque du Soleil? With a 1.5-million-gallon, 25-foot-deep pool, these safety divers have to be ready for anything.

A group of performers in colorful costumes pose as a group next to water

Cavern and Cave Diving

Cave diving is exhilarating, but not suitable for all divers. You’re able to explore often overlooked places and see new-to-you critters and environments. Learn more about cave diving, current safety precautions and how to get started.

Cave diver with red hood pops head out of cavern

The Logistics of Exploration

Get a deeper understanding of exploratory diving — a sometimes controversial topic. One team of divers schemed a plan to dive and explore a deep wreck. Read more about the process.

Dive team explores propeller

Closed-Circuit Rebreathers: A Different Way to Dive

Closed-circuit rebreathers provide a different way to dive — where the rebreather’s primary jobs are to remove carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen. Read more about closed-circuit rebreathers.

A diver on a closed-circuit rebreather floats near a reef

Diving Out of Bounds

Expedition diving varies, but ultimately, they are complex adventures that require months of preparations and a team of dedicated individuals. Learn more about expedition diving.

Expedition diver gets hosted out of water and back aboard the boat vessel

The Depth of the Matter

Deep diving can be hazardous, but the risks can be mitigated through training and the proper use of procedures, planning and equipment. When you plan a deep dive, ask yourself what “deep” means.

Diver peers through a metal structure on a sponge-encrusted shipwreck

Without Bubbles

Rebreathers do create an added complexity to a dive, but they can be incredibly useful. Learn more about how rebreathers work, benefits and challenges to their use and practical applications.

A rebreather diver, holding a camera, tries to take a photo of a nearby shark