Caissons, Compressed-Air Work and Deep Tunneling

Do you know how underground tunnels are made? The working spaces, or caissons, are pressurized with compress air. But in the 19th century, many laborers had an unexplained illness after returning to atmospheric pressure.

An old photo of workers building tunnels and bridges

Breathing Gases

Some divers like closed-circuit rebreathers for their ability to provide breathing gas at a set partial pressure of oxygen throughout dives.

Two green monitors read breathing gas

Learning to Thrive in Extreme Environments

My phone’s alarm filled the air, but I was already awake. It was the day I had eagerly anticipated since first learning about the Florida International University (FIU) Introduction to Saturation Diving: Aquarius Operations and Benefits to Science course — the emergency simulation.

Gray snappers and schoolmaster snappers school beneath the moon pool on Aquarius Reef Base.

Silence Beneath a White Ceiling

Researchers test to see how rebreathers function in arctic environments. Read how a team of researchers aimed to explore this little-known subject.

A diver waits under an ice hole as a seal uses the hole first

Current Dives

Diving in currents can be exhilarating, but it can also be hazardous if you do not have the proper training or are unprepared. To get the most enjoyment, perform proper predive research and dive planning. Make sure you prepare physically and mentally and have the proper gear, training and experience. Divers often say that current dives are some of their most memorable and exhilarating dives.

Two divers are in the water, and one is deploying a red surface marker buoy attached to a reel.

Always Ready

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the U.S. Coast Guard Diving Program. With its rigorous testing, do you have what it takes to make the cut?

A U.S. Coast Guard Diver jumps off a dock and into the water

Empowering a Spectacle

What does it take to be a safety diver for Cirque du Soleil? With a 1.5-million-gallon, 25-foot-deep pool, these safety divers have to be ready for anything.

A group of performers in colorful costumes pose as a group next to water

The Logistics of Exploration

Get a deeper understanding of exploratory diving — a sometimes controversial topic. One team of divers schemed a plan to dive and explore a deep wreck. Read more about the process.

Dive team explores propeller

Diving Out of Bounds

Expedition diving varies, but ultimately, they are complex adventures that require months of preparations and a team of dedicated individuals. Learn more about expedition diving.

Expedition diver gets hosted out of water and back aboard the boat vessel

Without Bubbles

Rebreathers do create an added complexity to a dive, but they can be incredibly useful. Learn more about how rebreathers work, benefits and challenges to their use and practical applications.

A rebreather diver, holding a camera, tries to take a photo of a nearby shark