Rescue Skill Modifications

The required skills in a rescue scenario — which involved a surface swim while providing rescue breaths and removing dive gear from the victim and rescuer — were not coming easily, especially if my dive buddy was larger than me. Techniques for rescue diving seemed suited for people with a different body type and skill set — at 5 feet, 4 inches tall, I am a petite woman. Practicing rescues was challenging at best and near-impossible at worst until a course director taught me techniques and modifications that made rescuing more accessible.

Preserving History: Leslie Leaney

LESLIE LEANEY IS RENOWNED for his dive history research and preservation. He has done this work through organizations such as the Cayman Islands’ International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (where he has been the executive director for nearly 20 years), the Commercial Diving Hall of Fame, the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, the Santa […]

Torrance Parker presents Leaney with the HDS USA E.R. Cross Award.

Program Spotlight: DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage

Teaching someone to dive doesn’t happen without risk. If an incident or accident occurs, students may find themselves footing expensive medical bills for which traditional health insurance provides minimal or no coverage. DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage is dive accident insurance designed specifically for new divers in training that DAN fully subsidizes, so there is no cost to students or their instructors.

DAN Member Profile: Andy Casagrande

Andy Casagrande is an award-winning cinematographer and a DAN member. He’s also obsessed with sharks. Read his story.

Andy Casagrande films alligators in the Everglades.

DAN Member Profile: John Thompson

DAN member John Thompson shares why he is a DAN member and what he values most with the organization. Thompson also discusses his work with SUDS.

A group of SUDS divers hold a sign and pose for a group photo in sunny Kona

Sweet Siren Smells of Coral and Seaweed

Reefs smell. No, really! A healthy reef sends out attractive scents attracting a population of reef builders and dwellers. These newcomers are vital to the success of a reef.

The sweet reef scents have brought all the fish to the yard. They are surrounding coral outcroppings

Ghost Fishing

A team of volunteer divers works together to remove cast-off, derelict fishing nets to help the local animal life. Read more about the venture to remove the nets.

Two divers approach shipwreck and cast-off nets

Aquarius Lives On

The Aquarius undersea habitat turned 20 this year and enables scientists opportunities to train, observe and perform experiments in a unique environment. Learn more about the Aquarius.

Aquarius underwater base is aged and a diver float nearby

The Evolution of a Shipwreck

A ship was placed on the bottom of the seafloor as an intentional shipwreck to help create a reef. The shipwreck now hosts an incredible diversity of marine life. Learn more about how a shipwreck evolves.

French angelfish swims around a sponge-encrusted shipwreck

Pioneers of Dive Safety

Dan Orr and Dick Rutkowski were winners of the Reaching Out Awards, given by the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association’s annual conference. Read more about their unyielding dedication to safety.

Two men stand next to a hyperbaric chamber