On the Hunt

Secret Bay, located in Anilao, Philippines, is home to many sea critters you have never seen before. Learn more about diving in this unique and fanciful location.

Anthias fish feed around plants

Defensive Dive Profile Planning

Decompression safety may be achieved by staying within dive computer or dive table limits, but decompression sickness (DCS) can develop even after dives that remain within prescribed limits. This article will discuss concepts important for conservative practices, some of the pitfalls that must be overcome, and practical strategies for defensive dive-profile planning and implementation.

Two divers swim up to corals

Discovery of a Lost Battlefield

A research team locates the remains of U-576 and Bluefields. This was a major discovery as many people did not know where these boats fought or were sunk. Learn more.

Four elated-looking men gather around a laptop

Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is a National Marine Park in Mexico and can be described as a treasure. From humble beginnings, this small marine preserve has become a bastion of biodiversity.

Thousands of schooling jacks dwarf a nearby diver

Voices Under the Ice

Antarctica’s Ross Sea is one of the least-impacted marine ecosystems in the world today. Read more about the Ross Sea and its inhabitants who are well suited for the frigid climates and conditions.

A pod of penguins jump off ice and splash in the waters

Emergency Simulations for Dive Professionals

In-service training is on-the-job education or skills development designed to improve staff members’ capabilities. Its importance for dive professionals cannot be overemphasized. Read more about the importance of in-service training for dive pros.

Training supervisor oversees people in emergency training procedure

Our National Marine Sanctuaries

America’s national marine sanctuaries have everything a diver could ask for — coral reefs, kelp forests, animal encounters, shipwrecks and so much more. But not only should they be visited, divers also have a responsibility to advocate for them.

Curious pilot whale inspects camera

Tulum’s Cenotes

The cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula were sacred to the Maya and vital to their empire. Today, divers descend into these subterranean wonders both for leisure and in daring expeditions.

Ancient Mayan temple in the jungle

A Day in the Life of an Arctic Cave Diver

Cave diving is hard but doing so in the arctic may be even harder. Read a journal-style entry of what it’s like being a cave diver — physical demands, freezing temperatures, animal encounters, but at least there is hot chocolate.

A diver hovers amid the white limestone walls of Dolinsjö Cave in northern Sweden.

French Polynesia’s Tuamotus

The Tuamotu Islands are an archipelago located in French Polynesia and offers vibrant underwater scenes — including great shark experiences.

A school of adorable, yellow raccoon butterfly fish