Dominica Topside

Dominica is home to great dive destinations, but topside, there are plenty of excursions, too.

Fiji: Soft Coral Capital of the World

Fiji is a very accessible dive destination for North American travelers. The island boasts lively reefs and colorful fish, which encompass a world-class diving scene.

A diver holding a big underwater camera swims through a Fiji reef

The Many Factors in Decompression Stress

Most personal factors that affect decompression stress can be modified. Divers know their bodies best, so assess your risks with each upcoming dive.

Uncertainty After Diving

Through a series of case studies, one researcher illustrates the confounding nature of decompression sickness (DCS) and shares important recommendations.

A female diver is in the foreground with her hands clasped. A male diver is in the background.


Voluntourism, when combined with a dive trip, combines the benefits of the marine environment and helping local communities. Learn more about several voluntourism opportunities found all over the world.

Sea turtle peers around red coral

South Africa

South Africa is known for its large above-ground mammals, but below the waters of its shores, are equally compelling marine predators. South Africa is a great destination for divers. Read more about how to dive it.

Several blue sharks swim through a swarm of anchovies

Lunar Inspiration in Palau

Lunar cycles heavily influence the currents in Palau. The cycles heavily influence the waters surrounding the island. Read more about lunar cycles.

Diver floats next to a giant green wrasse

Stacking the Deck

Dive safety is imperative and little precautions and steps you take can collectively make a big difference. Get some dive safety tips to help you fully enjoy your next dive experience.

Shirtless dive master leads a predive check with white board

Man Meets Shark

A diver has made a career out of diving with sharks and introducing people to these creatures. Read more about diving with sharks.

Diver holding a stick comes close to a shark's jaw

A Salute to St. Eustatius

The St. Eustatius National Marine Park has a growing and proliferating reef. The island itself also has a rich past.

The Quill, a dormant volcano, overlooks the black sand beaches of the Atlantic coast of Statia.