Celebrating Sharks

Late filmmaker Rob Stewart used his films to celebrate sharks and bring attention to their plight. His inspiration and passion for shark conservation live on.

With other sharks in the background, a great white shark smiles to the camera. It's ready for its close up

La Paz

La Paz, on Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, has always been connected to the sea, from its indigenous pre-Columbian people and a history of sea explorers, pearl divers and fishers to a modern destination attracting ocean-inspired tourists to interact with the abundant marine treasures of this region.

A diver is astounded by the sheer size of the school of bigeye jacks at Cabo Pulmo.

The Edge of the Boomerang

Believe it or not: Australia is home to diving other than the Great Barrier Reef. The “Boomerang Coast” boasts great sites and animal life.

Two manta rays float over an Australian reef


Tasmania is marketed as a place “like nowhere else on Earth” — and that is no exaggeration. Read one diver’s experiences of diving and exploring Tasmania.

Diver approaches red seadragon

America’s Reef

The Florida Keys is a magical dive destination. Two seasoned divers take their grandson to the Keys for his first dive trip. Read more about their massive exploration of the Florida Keys.

Child diver swims over a shipwreck

A Life Among Whales

Whales are a complex species of mammals that in some instances were brought to the brink of extinction. Today, whales are revered. Learn more about how whales impacted one family.

Humpback whale jumps out of water and splashes

Ocean Views 2012

Marine-life and underwater photography is not only an art but it takes deep commitment. Browse the winners of the 2012 Ocean Views Contest and celebrate these frozen moments in time — and the talents of each photographer.

Elephant seal sticks its head out of water. Its tongue is sticking out and it looks happy.

Ocean Views 2011

The Ocean Views photo competition quickly created a reputation for excellence in wildlife and marine photography. Check out the winners and honorable mentions of Ocean Views 2011.

Two pink-and-red longnose hawkfish 1200

Dr. Nick Bird

When you look at the paths of Dr. Nick Bird and DAN, you realize they aren’t parallel, but instead are on a course destined to intersect. Meet DAN’s first-ever chief medical officer, a man of passion and vision.

Male scuba diver approaches a giant grouper

Calling the Dive

Calling a dive is not as easy as just giving the thumbs-up signal. There are steps to follow after the signal to cancel a dive. The dive briefing should cover these procedures, and the greater the dive’s potential risk, the more attention to detail the procedures and briefing should have to make calling the dive happen as safely as possible.

diver in the ocean with a surface signaling buoy