Celebrating Sharks

Late filmmaker Rob Stewart used his films to celebrate sharks and bring attention to their plight. His inspiration and passion for shark conservation live on.

With other sharks in the background, a great white shark smiles to the camera. It's ready for its close up

Dominica Topside

Dominica is home to great dive destinations, but topside, there are plenty of excursions, too.

A Salute to St. Eustatius

The St. Eustatius National Marine Park has a growing and proliferating reef. The island itself also has a rich past.

The Quill, a dormant volcano, overlooks the black sand beaches of the Atlantic coast of Statia.

Your Lungs and Diving

How does diving affect lung function? While all divers will likely have increased CO2 levels (to some degree) during a dive, the manifestations are minor.

Woman dives beneath a boat

On the Hunt

Secret Bay, located in Anilao, Philippines, is home to many sea critters you have never seen before. Learn more about diving in this unique and fanciful location.

Anthias fish feed around plants

French Polynesia’s Tuamotus

The Tuamotu Islands are an archipelago located in French Polynesia and offers vibrant underwater scenes — including great shark experiences.

A school of adorable, yellow raccoon butterfly fish

Diving the World Heritage List

The World Heritage List recognizes outstanding places that offer value to mankind. Sites can be cultural, natural or a mixture of both. These sites are sources of inspiration and sources of life.

A giant grouper pokes its head out of some coral

Chasing Coral

The documentary “Chasing Coral” chronicles the plight of the world’s corals and how bleaching events could be predicted based upon certain factors. Read more about the film’s production process.

Chasing Coral director Jeff Orlowski prepares the team’s custom-built drone for flight.

Key Largo

One of the world’s premiere diving destinations, Key Largo, Fla., has robust marine life, artificial reefs, rich maritime history and great conservation momentum.

An aerial view reveals the relatively large landmass of Key Largo, the largest of the Florida Keys.