Your Lungs and Diving

How does diving affect lung function? While all divers will likely have increased CO2 levels (to some degree) during a dive, the manifestations are minor.

Woman dives beneath a boat

My Journey to Dive All 50 States

It was an ambitious goal, but one diver dove in all 50 states. It took over four years, but adventures had, memories made and lessons learned were worth it.

Diver Jennifer Idol wears her scuba suit and holds a camera

The Gift of Kimbe

One diver chose to document Kimbe Bay. The area boasts colorful sea life but the trip itself posed many challenges for the dive team. Learn more about their incredible story.

An aerial view of volcanic islands surrounded by deep blue water

Bali Road Trip

Bali is a fantastic place for divers — both topside and underwater. Sea critters range from tiny seahorses to thriving reefs and there are so many to see. Learn more about diving in Bali.

Yellow, orange and pink sea fans


Yap is the place to go for manta ray sightings. But Yap also is home to other great marine critters including mola mola, sharks and more. Learn more about traveling and diving in Yap.

Giant devil ray flaps at the camera

The Observer Effect

The observer effect is real. When you dive, your presence has a significant impact on the marine world around you. Regardless of your intent, human presence in the ocean is intrusive. Learn more about what exactly the observer effect is.

At least two dozen snorkelers observe a manatee

Mission Blue

Mission Blue is an organization set on gaining public traction in interest in ocean preservation. Mission Blue has expanded to include a variety of company and celebrity partners. Read more about Mission Blue.

Three people travel in a submersible vehicle

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Tubbataha is an atoll, a volcanic seamount that gradually sank, leaving a circular substrate for coral colonization, now punctuated by a few low-profile sand islands. It’s a seasonal destination with exceptional diving. Read more.

Menacing whitetip reef shark

India’s Diving Frontier: The Andaman Islands

India’s Andaman Islands are known as the Emerald Isles because of their vibrant green forests. The archipelago stretches roughly 225 miles and consists of about 200 islands. The area offers pristine diving.

A very famous elephant, who loves to swim, goes for a swim in crystal-blue waters

Mexico’s Sardine Run

Although striped marlins (Kajikia audax) are slower than some of their billfish cousins, their 50-mph (80-kph) speed is plenty fast for me. I try to swim alongside this stealth bomber of the sea as it works a baitball to separate individual sardines from the silvery mass. While getting outpaced by sailfish and black marlin might […]