Experience & Risk

Diving experience is incredibly helpful to ward off certain risks. We experience risk in different ways and some ways provide helpful lessons. Read more.

Two divers practice sharing a regulator

What’s That You Say?

Hand signals are critical communication tools for divers. It’s imperative before any dive that buddies understand their preferred signals to avoid any miscommunications or mishaps.

Female diver holds right fist to chest

The Importance of Buoyancy Control

Buoyancy control is imperative for optimal scuba diving safety. While the concepts are simple, masking proper buoyancy control can be difficult. Read more about buoyancy.

Male and female diver pose for a selfie in front of school of silver fish

Preventing Breathing-Gas Contamination

Breathing-gas contamination, although rare, can happen. Sources of contamination vary, but they are important to know. Get the inside scoop on breathing-gas contamination.

Left hand holds a breathing gas measuring device

Dolphins to Port, A Diver in Trouble

In a rush to enter the water, a diver did not check the tank valve, leaving them in a dangerous spot. Read more about the incident.

An old man in a purple tank top and white ball cap and a woman, comfort a person wearing an oxygen mask

Boat Collision and Propeller Safety

Propeller trikes happen to divers and the injuries are brutal. Read more about propeller safety, tools, research and more to prevent these nasty injuries.

Submerged propeller whirls

As the Prop Turns

Propeller safety should be taken as seriously as every other aspect of dive safety. Much of the responsibility certainly lies with the pilot of a boat, but there are several things divers can do to help increase their safety margin when sharing the water.

Dive dinghy floats on the water at sunset


Checklists may be the missing tool to safer diving. Checklists are used in other fields, not just diving, like aviation and surgery. Read more about the history and importance of checklists.

Male diver is sitting down and hand with checklist is in foreground

To Lie or Not to Lie?

When signing in for a dive, the medical statement can feel both burdensome and an invasion of privacy. You may want to lie. However, medical statements are an important element of dive safety.

Perspective diver prepares to fill out medical statements and cartoony devil and angel are on his shoulders