Air Hoses: A Closer Look

Air hose malfunction can be a very serious safety concern. From yellow “crystals” to degraded linings, air hoses are essential pieces of equipment. Learn more about air hoses.

A failed hose is ripped and crystals are everywhere

When Should the Rescue Begin?

DIVING INHERENTLY CARRIES AN ELEVATED LEVEL OF RISK because humans cannot survive underwater without specialized equipment. When things go wrong, an effective rescue is vital for a favorable outcome. Most […]

My Octopus Goes Where?

THE DIVE INDUSTRY IS FULL OF DEBATES. Should you use a jacket-style, back-inflate, or backplate and wing buoyancy compensator? A canister light or a cordless light? A weight belt or integrated weights? Regular fins or split fins?

After the Accident

Being involved in a traumatic event can take a toll on everyone: dive professionals or rescue divers who perform a rescue, lay providers who help with CPR and first aid, and dive buddies or bystanders.


Freediving Safety Awareness

Interest in breath-hold diving, also known as freediving, has grown exponentially over the past decade. Most individuals who enjoy watersports have held their breath underwater at some point, but most do so without formal training or awareness of the known dangers despite the ready availability of this lifesaving information.

formal training, breath-hold diving

Avoid Diving with Earplugs

A TOPIC THAT COMES UP FREQUENTLY when discussing dive safety is the use of earplugs. Are they safe to use while diving? Does DAN have any recommendations?


Survive Your Dive

Recommendations created by several safety-oriented organizations want to ensure that scuba remains a safe sport. Read their six recommendations.

Helicopter crew member works with a hoist. The helicopter is above the ocean. A boat is in the background

Children and Diving

MINORS HAVE BEEN DIVING FOR DECADES, but the incidence of scuba diving injuries among them remains poorly studied. As opposed to most other outdoor recreational activities, the main challenge while […]


Freediving Risk Assessments

THE RAPID GROWTH OF FREEDIVING in the U.S. brings a positive light to a sport that is mentally healthy and physically inspiring but has little tolerance for error. Shallow-water blackout […]

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Lionfish Stings

Lionfish are fascinating and beautiful creatures, but they can cause serious injuries as well as environmental problems outside their normal range.

A melancholy lionfish swims about looking for someone to sting.