Finding Your Fitness

As with any exercise, it is important to honestly and accurately assess your fitness level before diving. There are assessments you can do at home to test your fitness for dive and ensure you’re in good health.

Female swimmer swims laps

Survive Your Dive

Recommendations created by several safety-oriented organizations want to ensure that scuba remains a safe sport. Read their six recommendations.

Helicopter crew member works with a hoist. The helicopter is above the ocean. A boat is in the background

Sound in the Silence

Audible cues and signals can get your buddy’s attention, signal a group of divers or indicate a problem you can help address. Even though we may dive to escape the noise of everyday life, we need to pay attention to the sounds around us. Doing so could make your dive even more special because your buddy got your attention to see something remarkable — or you may even save a life.

diver holds a noisemaker underwater

Due Diligence for Parents of Young Divers

Parents often express reservations or concerns about going on dive vacations with their kids. But it’s a joint reasonability from both parents and dive operators.

A group of children sit on a walkway, with their hands raise, taking a scuba diving class

Rescue of an Unconscious Diver

The rescuing of an unconscious diver is a complicated event and requires strength and training. Learn how to rescue an unconscious diver.

Female rescuer works with an unconscious diver in the water

When Should the Rescue Begin?

DIVING INHERENTLY CARRIES AN ELEVATED LEVEL OF RISK because humans cannot survive underwater without specialized equipment. When things go wrong, an effective rescue is vital for a favorable outcome. Most rescue diver courses teach students basic techniques to apply after something goes wrong, but better courses also provide techniques to prevent incidents from occurring in […]

Air Hoses: A Closer Look

Air hose malfunction can be a very serious safety concern. From yellow “crystals” to degraded linings, air hoses are essential pieces of equipment. Learn more about air hoses.

A failed hose is ripped and crystals are everywhere

Ascent Rates

Ascent rates are influenced by different variables, but nearly all exerts agree that divers should keep slow ascent rates to avoid any complications. Read more about ascent rates.

Diver holds onto a mooring line while ascending

My Octopus Goes Where?

THE DIVE INDUSTRY IS FULL OF DEBATES. Should you use a jacket-style, back-inflate, or backplate and wing buoyancy compensator? A canister light or a cordless light? A weight belt or integrated weights? Regular fins or split fins?

Prepare for Safe Dive Travel

If it took two planes, a boat and a hike to get somewhere, getting out will usually be similarly complicated. With that in mind, always prepare for safe travel.

Female diver sits on the edge of a boat and gives a thumbs up to the camera. In the background are two male divers.