Finding Your Fitness

As with any exercise, it is important to honestly and accurately assess your fitness level before diving. There are assessments you can do at home to test your fitness for dive and ensure you’re in good health.

Female swimmer swims laps

Due Diligence for Parents of Young Divers

Parents often express reservations or concerns about going on dive vacations with their kids. But it’s a joint reasonability from both parents and dive operators.

A group of children sit on a walkway, with their hands raise, taking a scuba diving class

Children and Diving

MINORS HAVE BEEN DIVING FOR DECADES, but the incidence of scuba diving injuries among them remains poorly studied. As opposed to most other outdoor recreational activities, the main challenge while […]

Prepare for Safe Dive Travel

If it took two planes, a boat and a hike to get somewhere, getting out will usually be similarly complicated. With that in mind, always prepare for safe travel.

Female diver sits on the edge of a boat and gives a thumbs up to the camera. In the background are two male divers.

Tips for Better Oxygen Administration

Dive-accident victims benefit from the use of oxygen in two fundamental ways. Learn how they benefit and how to administer oxygen.

Woman lies in beach chair wearing oxygen mask

Old Habits Die Hard

Make it your standard practice to gently and completely turn on your air. If you’re an instructor, consider not teaching students the quarter-turn back. Dive operations should instruct their staff not to perform the quarter-turn-back practice on customers’ cylinders. Confusing the direction of a handwheel does not happen only to new or inexperienced divers. There have been anecdotal reports of divemasters on busy boats accidentally turning off customers’ cylinders and then performing only a quarter-turn on.

A diver underwater gives an out of air signal by putting his hand across his throat.

Safe Diving in Fresh Water

Fresh-water diving comes with increased risks. Why is that? Learn more about the risks and how to dive in fresh-water environments safely.

Two divers approach a shipwreck in a fresh-water environment

Hypoxia in Breath-Hold Diving

Freediving is growing in popularity but the sport does come with risks because of how divers hold their breaths for long durations. Learn more about the safety of freediving.

A freediver swims through a school of fish

I’m Taking This Medication…Can I Dive?

Certain medications can impact your health and/or ability to dive. There are important considerations that need to be made before heading into the water.

Knocked over prescription pill bottle

Experience & Risk

Diving experience is incredibly helpful to ward off certain risks. We experience risk in different ways and some ways provide helpful lessons. Read more.

Two divers practice sharing a regulator