Chasing Coral

The documentary “Chasing Coral” chronicles the plight of the world’s corals and how bleaching events could be predicted based upon certain factors. Read more about the film’s production process.

Chasing Coral director Jeff Orlowski prepares the team’s custom-built drone for flight.

Key Largo

One of the world’s premiere diving destinations, Key Largo, Fla., has robust marine life, artificial reefs, rich maritime history and great conservation momentum.

An aerial view reveals the relatively large landmass of Key Largo, the largest of the Florida Keys.

Palau: A Deluge of Life

Palau is rich in vibrant colors underwater and also has a rich local history. Read more about where to dive and what to see in Palau.

A group of spawning bumphead parrotfish are having a good time

Light in the Dark: Shooting Cenotes

Cenotes — deep, natural, water-filled limestone sinkholes — present challenges to photographers. However, with the right skills, you can capture breathtaking images.

Diver swims through impressive-looking Dream Gate Cenote formations

Shooter: Tanya G. Burnett

Tanya G. Burnett is an accomplished underwater photographer and dive professional. See her photography and read her story.

Three spotted dolphins swim in light-blue water

Silence Beneath a White Ceiling

Researchers test to see how rebreathers function in arctic environments. Read how a team of researchers aimed to explore this little-known subject.

A diver waits under an ice hole as a seal uses the hole first

Introducing Battle Ropes

Slam them, shake them, jump over them. The options are pretty limitless when it comes to battle ropes. They are a dynamic piece of fitness equipment.

A female personal trainer is shaking two battle ropes

Diving and Hepatitis C

Can an individual with hepatitis C dive? Our experts answered questions pertaining to the condition.

A gloved hand holds up a HCV positive test