An Unexpected Earplug

Ear barotrauma (pressure-related injury) usually occurs in divers’ middle ears, often as a result of congestion. In this unusual case, however, a diver experienced ear barotrauma that resulted from accumulation of ear wax in his ear canal.

A doctor inspects a man's right ear

It’s the Little Things

Seemingly minor problems can amount to bigger ones underwater. Predive
anxiety and a fogged mask compounded to nearly trigger a state of panic in
this diver.

A diver floats near a boat

Paralyzed in Grenada

Soon after surfacing from her first dive of the day, Deborah Newman felt a spasm in her upper back followed by a squeezing sensation in her chest, hypersensitive skin, weakness and nausea.

A female diver breaks the surface of the water. She's in shock and looks like she is in trouble.

The Race to Save the Greatest Library on Earth

Researcher Richard Pyle, Ph.D. is trying to change the way scientists look at biodiversity. Pyle’s work has also focused on coral reefs, diving and databases.

Two divers explore a cave. They are holding flashlights. The light looks green underwater

Prepare for Safe Dive Travel

If it took two planes, a boat and a hike to get somewhere, getting out will usually be similarly complicated. With that in mind, always prepare for safe travel.

Female diver sits on the edge of a boat and gives a thumbs up to the camera. In the background are two male divers.

Emergency Action Plans: When Things Go Wrong

Emergency action plans (EAPs) are made up of many components. But before the plan is even enacted, fully understand where disasters can occur.