Why Do Pros & Businesses Choose DAN?

Their reasons for choosing DAN are as unique as their dive businesses. But one thing’s for certain: More and more dive professionals are putting their trust in DAN for their professional, group and general liability insurance needs. Shouldn’t you?


Scuba Luv Maui

“I choose DAN because I feel like we’re on the same team working toward keeping our industry safe.” — Diana Madaras, Scuba Luv Maui

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“When I call or email DAN, they listen and follow up and they have always been extremely friendly and professional. I’ve never been just left hanging. I feel like we’re all on the same team and we’re all working together on improving our industry and keeping everyone safe. It’s easier to work with DAN because they know diving. They are able to understand our issues and help us out here. I feel that they have our backs.”

About Scuba Luv Maui
Husband-and-wife duo Steven and Diana are veterans in the dive industry with years of professional experience, and opened their oceanfront, resort-based location Scuba Luv Maui in 2006. They offer a variety of dive experiences including reef tours, scooter dives, night dives and more.



“I choose DAN because they’re easy to work with and it’s a company with a strong track record.” — David Hollis, Diventures

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“Safety is our No.1 priority, so having a company that matches our mission statement makes it a natural fit. I’ve got a lot of reasons why I choose DAN. I choose DAN because they work with us, and they’re a company that will provide us support if we need it. I choose DAN because they’re easy to work with. I can easily communicate with them and reach somebody when I need something, and I feel confident that they will be around for a long time to support the dive industry. It is incredibly beneficial to have a company on your side with the resources and stature of DAN, and it gives us a true partnership feeling, which is incredibly important to our organization as we continue to grow.”

About Diventures
Diventures was founded in 2009 by a team of swim and scuba enthusiasts who saw a need for specialized swim and scuba training and resources in the Midwest. Since its inception, the company has expanded to multiple locations, bringing personalized, concierge service and training to swimmers and divers.


Phoenix Scuba

“When it comes to insurance questions and medical questions, DAN is the be-all end-all in diving.” — Kelly Fischer, Phoenix Scuba

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“I trust DAN. DAN’s programs are very straightforward, and the disclosures and paperwork were all simple to understand. And DAN is always available to answer my questions because customer service is important to them. Taking care of divers is important to them. They’re part of your dive family and dive community, so it’s going to be a really good experience right out of the gate.”

About Phoenix Scuba
Arizona-based Phoenix Scuba prioritizes divers’ comfort in the water and comfort with their instructor. Whether you’re seeking to learn scuba fundamentals, become an open-water scuba instructor or take a vacation, Phoenix Scuba will give you the full underwater experience.


Dive Pirates Foundation

“I choose DAN because of the price and their professionalism.” — Sophie & Barbara, Dive Pirates Foundation

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“Professionalism, credibility and price are important to us. Plus, Lloyds of London backs the policy and that has a lot of credibility. With the benefits and features of our particular policy, coverage and cost were better than other providers out there. And from day one, DAN treated us like the professionals we knew we were. DAN supported us and what we were trying to accomplish.”

About Dive Pirates Foundation
The Dive Pirates Foundation is a not-for-profit public charity that connects, trains and equips individuals with mobility disabilities with scuba diving. Started in 2003, Dive Pirates provides travel opportunities and encourages continued diving as part of rehabilitation.


Scuba Quest

“DAN are the experts in the field of diving ― not just with insurance but also in dive research and medicine. They have the diver’s best interests at heart.” — Al Jeffrey, Scuba Quest

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“DAN is a one-stop shop. It’s very easy to get a new dive instructor added to our liability insurance. We email them the forms and within 24 hours they are normally approved. DAN is very transparent, and it’s much easier to work with them as you’re not waiting days or weeks to get a quote. I can usually talk to someone to ensure we’re on the same page. DAN has such a level of expertise and professionalism that you can also talk to the doctors, get referrals, and they will shepherd you through the process of caring for an injured diver. It puts everyone’s mind at ease.”

About Scuba Quest
Scuba Quest started in 1986 and has four Florida-based locations. Scuba Quest connects divers with resources and tools, including gear services, training, tank services and more.


Blue Green Expeditions 

“Everybody respects DAN. They’re doing everything possible for the safety of our divers.” — Faith Ortins, Blue Green Expeditions

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“DAN has a better understanding of the dive community and the dive business. It’s nice to work with people who have a diving background. When we were having a hard time getting insurance because some companies didn’t like the idea of a guide bringing 30 people to Antarctica, DAN didn’t think that was a challenge. They knew us and knew the requirements we had for people to participate. DAN had confidence in us. They just spoke our language.”

About Blue Green Expeditions
Blue Green Expeditions is dedicated to connecting individuals with the incredible diversity of the natural world. They accomplish this through a variety of exotic expeditions that take people above and below the water and across the globe.


The Dive Shop

“DAN has worldwide recognition and is as stand-up organization. You have to look at DAN as one of the industry’s gold standards.” Doug McNeese, The Dive Shop

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“Insurance is like anything ― it’s an expense until you need it, and then you’re glad you bought it. When looking at insurance, you can go out and do all the shopping you want to do, what you’ll find is you’re going to come back to the place that gives you the best coverage for a reasonable price. For us, that’s DAN. We love all aspects of DAN, including their travel insurance and diver insurance programs. They’ve been wonderful add-ons to our business.”

About The Dive Shop
The Dive Shop started as a family operation in 1961 in Memphis, Tenn., and now has three additional stores in Arkansas, Georgia and Missouri ― each with indoor pools. From beginner swim lessons to dive training, The Dive Shop can help make underwater dreams come true.


Stuart Scuba

“When I choose DAN liability insurance, I feel good knowing I’m supporting DAN’s ability to continue helping the industry through dive research and educational programs.” Peter Friedman, Stuart Scuba

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“When I insure with DAN, I’m not insuring with an insurance company. I’m insuring with and working with people who understand diving. Their goal is to promote safety and education in diving ― not just making a profit on insurance. Insurance is just one of the things they offer, and I know it supports their overall mission.”

About Stuart Scuba
Stuart Scuba offers personalized service all over The Treasure Coast delivered with highly trained, experienced boat captains, guides, divemasters, and instructors on every dive. Stuart Scuba also offers a multitude of recreational and technical courses to get divers started in the sport.


Dive Utah

“We’re divers, we don’t know legal jargon, but DAN makes completing forms and calling reps easy. They have just been fantastic.” Greg Adams, Dive Utah

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“We’re all one big family of divers. We take care of each other and make sure we’re successful in the dive world. DAN is an important member of our dive family and they want the very best for us. They’re structured very well and are so thorough on everything.”

About Dive Utah
Dive Utah connects people to the underwater world through trips, training, state-of-the-art gear and more. With two Utah-based locations, Dive Utah is a great resource for divers of all levels.


Scuba Venture

“I choose DAN because they have lots of behind-the-scenes benefits for the dive industry, along with equal if not better coverage for you and for your store policies.” Mark Stitzer, Scuba Venture 

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“When you compare apples to apples, DAN’s pricing is less expensive. When you look at what they’re offering and their benefits, and then compare that with what you may already have, you may see benefits that no one else offers. That’s a really neat thing, and that’s why we made the jump.”

About Scuba Venture
Scuba Venture, based in Reading, Pennsylvania, offers dive equipment, courses, certifications and dive vacations to get divers ready for a variety of adventures.


Southern Ocean Sports

“The people at DAN are top notch in the community and are working for us.” — Dave Stone, Southern Ocean Sports

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“Having personal dive insurance and liability insurance in the same place is so much easier. We only have to remember one password, and it’s all simplified and streamlined. No matter where I’m at and no matter what I’m doing, if something happens, all I have to do is call one number and DAN will take care of me. I’m not trying to call a hospital, an ambulance or a helicopter somewhere. DAN sets it up. DAN fixes any problems. That’s the cool part.”

About Southern Ocean Sports
Southern Ocean Sports is based in Valdosta, Georgia, and connects people to the outdoors through diver training, dive trips, gear servicing and dive products as well as supporting other outdoor sports such as paintball, skateboarding and more.


Weaver’s Dive & Travel Center

“What I appreciate most is that DAN feels more like a personalized, smaller company. It’s not like dealing with a major corporation.” — Steve Weaver, Weaver’s Dive & Travel Center

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“What I appreciate about DAN’s programs is that they are very well laid out and it is easy to understand what the coverage was going to do for us. That’s not always the case with insurance. It’s been easy for us to get questions answered, and when it comes time for renewal, they’re responsive and it’s easy to make changes. It feels like dealing with a neighborhood insurance agency. DAN really understands our business.”

About Weaver’s Dive & Travel
Since 1987 Weaver’s Dive & Travel Center has specialized in equipment sales and services and is a full-service travel agency specializing in dive vacations. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Weaver’s operates monthly group trips around the globe.


A1 Scuba

“I choose DAN because I can pick up the phone and I know that we’re going to be taken care of.” — Scott Taylor, A-1 Scuba

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“DAN has proven to me that they are truly here for me. They have been there for us a multitude of times both domestically and internationally. Whether I have a customer incident or a staff member incident, wherever it is, I can pick up the phone and know we’re going to be taken care of. They are compassionate, and that has been very comforting.”

About A-1 Scuba
A-1 Scuba Travel & Aquatics Center is a family-owned operation with 62 years of experience helping and training divers. Based in the Denver area, A-1 has an on-site pool and classroom as well as a retail store.



“I choose DAN because I trust the organization and not just with respect to diver safety. I know that if ever there were an injury or incident, DAN would have our backs to help us handle it responsibly and ethically.” — Kama Cannon, DiveN2Life

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I think of DAN like a business partner ― it’s like a relationship. I’m not just buying something; DAN is a partner that supports what I do ― not just in my practice but also what I do recreationally. They provide people like me with resources and tools that I can pass along to my students. When I call or email DAN, those who answer genuinely care about what I do. I have a sense that as both a client and a personal customer, they care a lot ― and that’s what I like about DAN. DAN knows what they’re talking about.”

About DiveN2Life
DiveN2Life is a nonprofit, educational organization that intersects scuba diving, scientific research and extracurricular activities to foster personal growth and development in children and teens. Thanks to the organization’s hands-on experiences and training, participants are able to effect positive changes in themselves and the environment.


Aqua Hands

“I choose DAN because they are always ready to help and will make an effort to meet the needs of the customer.” Thomas Koch, Aqua Hands

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“What can we do for you? That’s what I get from DAN. They’re an open door and ready to assist me in any way I need. Working with them and discussing how to protect my company is great because insurance, risk mitigation and training resources are all under one roof. DAN understands my small business and how to make it work for me.”

About Aqua Hands
Aqua Hands, based in Clearwater, Florida, provides scuba diving lessons, first aid courses and more and welcomes people who are deaf and hard of hearing. All Aqua Hands dive classes and excursions are conducted with American Sign Language to ensure accessibility.

Customer photos and testimonials used with permission.

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