2020/2021 Liability Insurance Relief FAQs

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For Current Insureds

Does the 90-day policy term extension affect my coverage in any way?

 No, your existing coverage and endorsement(s) remain the same.

What documentation will I receive to show that the term of my policy has been extended? 

 DAN RRG will provide current Insureds with a policy endorsement to confirm the policy term extension. 

Do I need to take any action to extend the policy term?

 No action by the Insured is required to extend the policy term. As a liability insurance Insured, you automatically receive the 90-day policy term extension.

Will I need to notify my training agency about the policy term extension? 

No. DAN will notify your training agency about your policy term extension. 

Will I receive a renewal reminder before my new expiration date?

Yes, you will receive a renewal/billing notice adjusted to match your new liability insurance renewal date. 

Can current Insureds choose the split payment option? 

We are unable to offer a split payment plan to current Insureds. The split payment plan is for new DAN RRG liability insurance Insureds only. 

Since the term of my policy was extended, what will be the renewal date of my policy next year?

Going forward, the renewal date of your liability insurance policy will be the same date as your 90-day policy term extension. For example, if your original policy renewal date is June 30, and the 90-day policy term extension is added, your renewal date this year and in all subsequent years will be September 28. 

I just renewed my policy before you announced the 90-day policy term extension. Am I eligible to receive the extended policy term? 

Yes. Current Insureds with coverage that expired before May 1, 2020 are eligible to receive the 90-day policy term extension. However, the extension would be applied to the end of the 2020/2021 policy.

The policy term extension is exactly 90 days no matter how many days are in each month. For example, if the renewal date of your policy was February 1, 2020, the term of your coverage would be extended until May 2, 2021. 

My policy effective date is after May 1, 2020, but I renewed my policy early. Can I cancel the renewal and have my premium refunded?

No, the renewal cannot be cancelled and refunded. However, the expiration date for the policy will be extended by 90 days at the end of the policy so you still receive the same benefit. 

For example, if you renewed your Liability policy in April but the effective date of your renewal policy is May 15, 2020, the term of your coverage would be extended until August 13, 2021.

I have both a professional liability policy (for me) and a general liability policy for my business. Does the 90-day extension apply to both policies?

DAN RRG has extended the policy term by 90 days for all professional, group professional and general liability insurance policies that were active as of May 1, 2020. If you hold multiple DAN RRG policies, the policy term extension applies to each valid policy.

Does the 90-day policy term extension apply to DAN membership and dive accident insurance, or just DAN RRG liability insurance?

The policy term extension applies only to DAN RRG liability insurance policies. DAN is not currently able to offer a policy term extension on membership or dive accident insurance. 

For New Customers

How long is the split payment option available for new professional liability insurance customers?

The split payment option is valid until July 31, 2020. DAN RRG with honor the split payment plan (25% down payment / 75% balance due in 90 days) as long as an application is started before this date.

If I choose the split payment option, will I lose coverage if I am unable to pay the full premium cost within the required 90 days?

Yes, the policy will be cancelled if DAN RRG does not receive full payment by credit card by the extended premium due date. Checks will not be accepted, and prorated refunds will not be issued. This program is not financing; it is an accommodation in how the payment is made. 

Are there any other offers from DAN RRG besides the split payment option to help me purchase professional liability insurance for an individual?

No. The split payment option is the only option available for new customers seeking to purchase a individual professional liability insurance policy. The split payment option is only available for new professional liability insurance customers.

Am I eligible to receive DAN member pricing on liability insurance if I am not a DAN member?

DAN will provide a complimentary membership ($35) to new insureds who have not yet joined DAN. This will allow those customers to enjoy preferred pricing. New insureds who want a family membership would pay only $20; the balance would be paid by DAN RRG.

Is there a payment grace period if the full premium cost is not paid in 90 days?

No. Payment must be received by DAN RRG on or before the date your second payment is due.

Will I receive a billing reminder about my last payment for the split payment?

Yes. You will receive a reminder to pay the balance of your premium from DAN RRG.

Can additional payments be made on the policy? 

No. Once the 25% down payment is made, the balance must be paid in full with one additional credit or debit card payment. This program cannot be financed.

Can the balance of the premium be paid sooner than 90 days?

Yes. New professional liability insurance customers may, if desired, pay off the balance early without penalty.

Is financing available for new general liability and group professional liability insurance customers?

DAN RRG offers financing on general and group professional liability insurance policies for new and renewing customers through FIRST Insurance Funding, the largest premium finance company in North America. Financing terms and conditions are set by FIRST Insurance Funding.

Can I finance a DAN RRG general or group professional liability insurance policy through a third-party company?

No. New customers are required to utilize the financing options that DAN RRG has established to support the program. Other outside financing is not permissible. 

Can I add endorsements, teaching staff or additional insureds after I purchase my policy?

Yes. Changes can be made at any time. You can add or purchase endorsements and riders, add or remove staff, and add or remove additional named insureds. Contact a liability insurance representative for assistance.

Who can be an “additional insured”?

Additional insureds are third parties who can be added to a policy at no additional cost. The listed additional insureds are then protected under your policy and have coverage against claims that result from professional services you (the named insured) provide as a dive leader, instructor or business owner.

How do I get a quote or apply for coverage?

You can get an instant quote at DAN.org/Liability.

Are there any fees for policy upgrades?

Upgrades may incur an additional premium depending on what’s added to the policy. Any additional premium is calculated on a pro-rated basis.

Are there fees to add additional insureds or staff? 

There is no additional cost to add additional insureds or staff. 

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Subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of DAN Risk Retention Group Policy PL108 (May 10, 2021), GL108 (May 1, 2021) and GPL108 (May 10, 2021). Coverage may vary and may not be available in all states, countries, or territories. Financing subject to loan approval. RRG-05112020-SPO