Blackwater Diving

Divers can capture some breathtaking images when diving at night, but it can be a scary experience. Gain some great tips on nighttime underwater photography.

Larval mantis shrimp

Shooter: Marty Snyderman

Photographer Marty Snyderman uses photography to advocate for the underwater world. Read his story and how he got into scuba diving.

Yellow striped fish being followed by shark

Shooter: Brian Skerry

Underwater photographer Brian Skerry opens up about his career as a photographer and using his images to propel marine conservation. Read more about Skerry.

Dead thresher shark in a net

Shooter: Howard Hall

Underwater cinematographer Howard Hall had humble beginnings and is now known for his spectacular underwater IMAX movies. Read more about Howard Hall and his career.

Giant jellyfish with thick, purple tentacles

Beguiling Backgrounds

UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHERS SPEND ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF TIME, energy, and money pursuing subjects. We often select our dive destinations with specific subjects in mind. Sharks or manta rays …

Shooter: Burt Jones

Burt Jones changed the landscape at a piece of Indonesian underwater paradise called Coral Triangle. Read his story.

A child rows a canoe in the Solomon Islands

Game Fish Photography

Photographing game fish does not need to be rocket science: With the correct team and equipment, you can take prize-winning shots of big fish. Read one photographer’s best tips on getting great pics of game fish.

A tarpon smashes open a bait ball of silverside minnows

Unique Techniques

Several underwater photographers divulge their best tips for some tricky and unique. photography techniques. Learn about photographing fluorescence, capturing the perfect snoot shot and more.

Shark swims near the surface of the ocean

Digital Effects Using High Dynamic Range

High dynamic range (HDR) is a clever digital process that will allow you to generate exceptional detail in still photos by combining the best elements from multiple shots into a single image. Read more about this practice.

Two couple stand on deck at sunset

Beyond Black

OUR UNDERWATER WORLD IS FULL OF VIBRANT COLORS, interesting patterns and textures, and fascinating creatures. It’s a wild place that is unpredictable and simultaneously harsh and harmonious. Taking a camera into that world allows us to record snippets of beauty in ways that help us tell various stories. Learning to use your camera effectively takes […]