Photography for a Cause

Photographer John Weller who was the primary visual architect of Ross Sea conservation. Weller documented sea life around this Arctic location.

Cute penguins waddle on ice

Shooter: Roger Steene

Photographer Roger Steene shares his story about what got him into photography. Read more of Steene’s story.

Roger Steene wears a drysuit and holds a camera, while bobbing in the water

Shooter: Doug Perrine

Photographer Doug Perrine is an accomplished wildlife photographer who specializes in marine life. Read more about Perrine and how he got into diving.

Dolphins surf the waves in front of a rock facing

Shooter: Flip Nicklin

Flip Nicklin is an accomplished whale and underwater photographer. Read more about the career of Flip Nicklin.

Male humpback whale stares at camera

Underwater Smartphone Photography

LIKE ANOTHER UNIVERSE, the underwater world is full of whimsical inhabitants, sinuous sharks, and huge mammals that have always fascinated people and probably always will. As a photographer, you enter completely new territory when you begin shooting underwater and learning how to adapt to the conditions of the aquatic world. Lighting subjects underwater differs significantly […]

Another Way of Seeing

Underwater pool photography has become increasingly popular. With a dive approach in mind, read how one photographer tackles pool photography and still creates artistic photos.

A scuba diving photographer is behind the camera shooting a model who is holding her breath

Digital Workflow for Underwater Photography

When you establish a digital workflow, you’re better able to organize and access all of your great images. Learn more about an ideal workflow from one photographer.

Female diver gives OK sign to camera 800x500

Wide Angle with Models

Photographing models underwater can be difficult for all parties involved. With a team who is ready and willing to work, great photos can be created. How do you find the right models?

Dive photographer has a camera in a shark's mouth

Beneath Cold Seas

Underwater photography is challenging, but it’s even harder in colder waters. Learn more about what it takes to become a cold-water photographer.

Two orange mosshead warbonnets peak out of a green crevice

Gutsy Tuason: Blackwater Magic

I FIRST MET SCOTT “GUTSY” TUASON at a Diving Equipment and Marketing Association (DEMA) trade show in 2016. “You need to see his blackwater work. You’ll be blown away,” …