Shooter: Jerome Kim

Part-time underwater photographer Jerome Kim exercises extreme precision when shooting images. Kim’s passion for underwater photography is fueled by his love of travel and desire to always seek out better images.

An orange emperor shrimp

The Endless Summer of Douglas Seifert

Douglas Seifert is an accomplished underwater photographer. Read more about his origin story and how he combined diving with photography.

Douglas Seifert photographs a silky shark in Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina.

Shooter: Paul Hilton

Paul Hilton is a renowned photographer and learned early in his career how powerful images could tell and shift a story. Read more about Paul Hilton.

Paul Hilton wears a snorkel and looks at a bird

Full-Color Grayscale

Generating a brilliant black-and-white photo is not as simple as just removing the color. Follow these step-by-step instructions to turn your full-color image into a stunning black-and-white masterpiece.

Black-and-white image of three humpback whales

Answering the Call

In Wild Seas, his new book published by National Geographic, Thomas Peschak ponders his career path: “My life as a National Geographic photographer has been socially isolating, emotionally exhausting and physically demanding — but it is the most rewarding pursuit I can imagine. I have cried from loneliness, felt nauseous with fear and cursed in frustration. But every time I thought I was at my limit, I discovered untapped reservoirs of strength, creativity and passion. This is not a job; it’s a calling.”

Imaging the Intertidal Realm

Tide pools offer photographers a lot of variety — but the time frame to shoot them is small. Here are some techniques of how to maximize shooting tide pools f or optimal photos.

A close-up photo of a blue knobby sea star

Out of the Blue

Your photography will evolve over time and your digital editing techniques should too. Learn some inside tips for Adobe Lightroom.

A diver swims overhead holding a camera

Photography of the Unseen

Certain marine critters are elusive and harder to photograph — not impossible. Learn the best photographic ideas, techniques and insights into methods for taking photos of these critters.

White frogfish pokes head out of corals. The frogfish looks like a head of cauliflower.

Blue Water

Blue-water photography takes place in water so deep, you never see the bottom. The environment is huge and you drift with the currents. In blue water, cutting-edge photography can occur.

Dive photographer photographs a rare black jelly with long, plush purple tail

Photography for a Cause

Photographer John Weller who was the primary visual architect of Ross Sea conservation. Weller documented sea life around this Arctic location.

Cute penguins waddle on ice