Shooter: Tanya G. Burnett

Tanya G. Burnett is an accomplished underwater photographer and dive professional. See her photography and read her story.

Three spotted dolphins swim in light-blue water

Shooter: Ned DeLoach

Ned DeLoach is an accomplished diver, photographer and writer who has chronicled underwater life. Learn about his life and how he became interested in diving.

Two Blackfin coralgobies are actually yellow. One is quite larger than the other

Shooter: Pete Zuccarini

Pete Zuccarini is the underwater cinematographer behind movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Life of Pi,” “Dolphin Tale” and more. Read more about Zuccarini’s story and career.

Underwater cinematographer chases a dolphin to get the right footage

Snapping Turtles

THE ANCESTORS OF MODERN SEA TURTLES shared the oceans with ichthyosaurs and plesiosaurs during the late Jurassic period 150 million years ago. Their descendants now inhabit reefs and oceans around the world.

Models and Marine Life

Underwater photographers usually evolve a specialty, but the first fork in their road typically involves defining an interest in either photographing natural history — marine life in particular — or concentrating on editorial and commercial work that inevitably involves photographing people underwater. Photos of charismatic marine life help tell the story of a dive destination or might be used for photo décor or stock photography. Compositions that illustrate people interacting with marine life bridge both disciplines and combine each approach’s rewards and challenges.

whale shark and diver for size reference

Underwater Images on a Single Breath

Freedive photography is an art as the photographer only gets one breath to get the shot. Scuba gear often is bulky and can just get in the way. Learn more about freedive photography.

Snorkeler takes photo of whale shark

Cave Photography

Cave photography is equally exhilarating and challenging — try photographing something when light is sparse. Read more about cave photography and get the best tips.

Two cave divers swim through a tight and craggy crevice

Shooter: Jerry Greenberg

Underwater photographer Jerry Greenberg has spent decades in the industry and has been a leading innovator. Read more about Jerry Greenberg.

Black-and-white photo of a diver swimming among fish

Cristina Mittermeier Photo Gallery

After reading the Shooter column “Cristina Mittermeier: Commitment to Conservation,” view this additional photo gallery of her work.

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