Oceanic Unveils Predator Freedive Equipment

This Summer, dive and snorkelling gear manufacturer Oceanic is inviting its customers to “Set Their Dive Free.” Dubbed the Predator line, the company is releasing a free dive-specific fin, mask, snorkel and mesh carry bag to support this growing segment within the watersport market.

sponsored post - Oceanic World Predator Line of Freedive Equipment

Aggressor Adventures to Sudan & Deep South Egypt

Aggressor Adventures is expanding its fleet of luxurious liveaboard dive yachts in the Red Sea with the addition of the Red Sea RE Aggressor®, formerly M/S Royal Evolution.

sponsored post - A fancy yacht, labeled Red Sea Re Aggressor, charges through the ocean on a partly cloudy day.

Sponsored: Aggressor Releases Video to Mark World Wetlands Day

World Wetlands Day is February 2, 2022 and to raise awareness about the importance of wetlands conservation, Aggressor Adventures is releasing an informative video hosted by Professional Wetland Scientist Nate Hobbs.   One third of the world’s endangered species rely on wetlands habitat for their survival. Over 95 percent of commercially harvested fish and shellfish […]

A flock of birds takes flight amid wetlands

Sponsored: Aggressor Adventures Announces New Liveaboard, Red Sea RE Aggressor

AUGUSTA, Ga. (Feb 8, 2022) – Aggressor Adventures® announces the addition of the Red Sea Royal Evolution (RE) Aggressor to its excursion lineup in Egypt. The new liveaboard joins the Red Sea Aggressor II and Red Sea Aggressor III, which offer diving throughout Egypt to Ras Mohamed and the Straits of Tiran, along with the […]

Brand New Cocos Island Dive Yacht Announced by Aggressor Adventures

Luxury yacht offers scuba charters to famed Cocos Island, Costa Rica On January 13, 2023, the all-new, 124-foot Cocos Island Aggressor will cruise from Puntarenas, Costa Rica to Cocos Island, a remote, uninhabited Pacific island whose waters are world-renown for schooling hammerhead sharks, manta rays and whale sharks. The 22-passenger, four-level luxury dive yacht was […]

SPONSORED: New Red Sea Aggressor IV® Yacht Explores Southern Egypt

Aggressor Adventures® Introduces New Red Sea Liveaboard in March 2023 Port Ghalib, Egypt—On March 4, 2023, the new Red Sea Aggressor IV® dive yacht will cast off from Port Ghalib, Egypt for the liveaboard’s seven-day maiden voyage exploring the magnificent dive sites of St. John’s Reef, Marsa Shoana, Sataya Reef and Daedalus Reef. Up to […]