Bipolar: The High Arctic and Antarctica

Diving in the arctic is not an unreachable goal. Whether you travel to the north or south pole — or both! — know what to expect and what you’re up against.

Lone diver underneath massive sheet of ice

66 Years Down

The Island of Chuuk played a pivotal role in World War II, and the lagoon surrounding the islands guard the remains of that history. Read more about the Island of Chuuk.

Diver shines a torch on a coral formation

Working Under Pressure: Dive Jobs

Dive jobs run the gamut — from FBI to the Magic Kingdom. Read more about these unique jobs and what it takes to dive them successfully.

Diver in colorful Magic Kingdom aquarium

Shooter: David Doubilet

Underwater photographer David Doubilet was inspired by the ocean at an early age. Now, he’s known for his experimental underwater shots. Learn more about Doubilet’s career and creative process.

A tiny green frog stuck to the dive mask of a diver. Just his eyes are seen above the water

Pennekamp Park: The Original and Still Going Strong

Pennekamp Park has logged nearly 30 million visitors in its 50-year existence. The park offers plenty of snorkeling and diving opportunities — and of course, fantastic reefs. Read more about diving Pennekamp Park.

Bikini-clad snorkeler approaches a sunken Jesus statue


SeaBase1 is an underwater habitat expected to be in place in the waters of Belize in 2013. It will be a place where ecotourist divers, researchers and educators can congregate and learn. Read more about SeaBase1.

Artist rendering of SeaBase1. It took like a creature from a Dr. Who television show.

Biorock: Electric Reefs

Biorock reefs are submerged, metal dome structures used to grow corals and restore degraded reef habitats. Used in 20 countries, they are wired to onshore energy sources so low-voltage current and flow through the structure. Read more about this nifty process and the importance of Biorock reefs.

Female diver approaches a metal dome structure where corals are growing happily

DAN Member Profile: Sylvia Earle

DAN member Dr. Sylvia Earle is a big advocate for the ocean environment. She’s spearheaded more than 100 scientific explorations and has spent more than 7,000 hours underwater.

Sylvia Earle approaches a reef

A Beautiful Invasion

Populations of Banggai cardinalfish have plummeted in recent years because of market demand. However, they are slowly rebounding. Read more about the Banggai cardinalfish.

A Banggai cardinalfish stares at the camera

Pool Exercises

You can do so much more at a pool than simply swim laps! Designed to improve your muscular endurance and increasing your dive stamina. this pool workout will provide a great challenge. Read more about these pool exercises.

Woman is in a pool with hands on deck but legs submerged. Her legs are extended fully in front of her.