Voluntourism can turn your next dive vacation into one that makes a difference. Learn more about voluntourism and if it’s right for you.

Man reads an old book on reef fish

Hydrothermal Vents

Hydrothermal vents are underwater volcanoes that play an important role in the ocean’s temperature, chemistry and circulation patterns. Read more about hydrothermal vents and their importance to scientists.

Ugly pink fish in a bed of mussels

A Living Museum in the Sea

“The Living Museum” is a protected area where an ancient pirate shipwreck, artifacts and rare corals can be visited. Learn more about this protected site.

Diver approaches an ancient sponge-encrusted cannon

A Clear Picture

Dive masks are critical pieces of dive gear enabling someone to do so much. Get the basics on dive masks.

Black dive mask with red outline around eye sockets

DAN Member Profile: Otto Rutten

Otto Rutten is the associate operations director for the Aquarius Reef Base located in the waters of the Florida Keys. Read more about Rutten and why he is a DAN member.

Diver approaches the Aquarius Reef Base

Ghost Hunters

Ghostpipefishes are incredibly hard to find — spending most of their short lives in the open ocean as bits of plankton before eventually settling in protected coastlines, where they discreetly blend into the shadows and breed. Read more about encounters with ghostpipefish.

Mated pair of silvery-white ghostpipefish

Interval Training: The High-Efficiency Workout

Interval training can simultaneously improve muscular endurance and strength, power, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Learn more about the pros of interval training and gain a great workout.

Shirtless man in red shorts holds a plank position

Catalina Island

Catalina Island is a small land mass barely 25 miles off the coast of Los Angeles. The coastline and area offer countless diving possibilities. Read more about diving around Catalina Island.

Two drysuit divers swim through kelp forest

Drowning From the Inside Out

A diver nearly drowned during ascent. Acting quickly, he made a rapid ascent so not to black out. Read more about his harrowing story.

Diver pretends to drown with arms flailing about

Altitude and Decompression Sickness

High altitude is linked to decompression sickness — why divers should not fly immediately after diving. But what about diving at altitude? Read more about altitude and decompression sickness.

Diver walks into mountain lake to start dive