Stacking the Deck

Dive safety is imperative and little precautions and steps you take can collectively make a big difference. Get some dive safety tips to help you fully enjoy your next dive experience.

Shirtless dive master leads a predive check with white board

The Philippines

Explore the wonders of the Philippines, from muck dives in the Visayas to the Verde Island Passage. The Philippines are also considered the “nudibranch capital of the world.” Learn more about diving in the Philippines.

Balled up mantis shrimp

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park

Tubbataha is an atoll, a volcanic seamount that gradually sank, leaving a circular substrate for coral colonization, now punctuated by a few low-profile sand islands. It’s a seasonal destination with exceptional diving. Read more.

Menacing whitetip reef shark


Bermuda’s prim and proper appearance belies its voracious appetite for ships. Investigate different wrecks each day, and be finished in time for afternoon tea on this gem of the Atlantic.

Aerial view of Bermuda with houses on the coast

Tulum’s Cenotes

The cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula were sacred to the Maya and vital to their empire. Today, divers descend into these subterranean wonders both for leisure and in daring expeditions.

Ancient Mayan temple in the jungle

Shooter: Ernest H. Brooks II

Underwater photographer Ernest H. Brooks II is a master in black-and-white photography. Read more about Brooks’ photography career and inspiration.

Black-and-white image of a harbor seal in kelp

Full-Color Grayscale

Generating a brilliant black-and-white photo is not as simple as just removing the color. Follow these step-by-step instructions to turn your full-color image into a stunning black-and-white masterpiece.

Black-and-white image of three humpback whales

Sustainable Seafood

Choosing sustainable seafood can greatly and positively impact ocean fish populations. Read more about sustainable seafood and learn which restaurants abide by sustainable practices.

School of tuna fish


Voluntourism can turn your next dive vacation into one that makes a difference. Learn more about voluntourism and if it’s right for you.

Man reads an old book on reef fish

A Living Museum in the Sea

“The Living Museum” is a protected area where an ancient pirate shipwreck, artifacts and rare corals can be visited. Learn more about this protected site.

Diver approaches an ancient sponge-encrusted cannon