Dive Medical Services Around the World

Unfortunately, some emergency providers are more motivated by profits than patient well-being creating instances of poor care. Read more about these deceptive practices and several cases. Above all, know that DAN will connect you with proper, well-regarded emergency services globally.

Male nurse takes wad of cash out of breast scrub pocket

Dysbaric Osteonecrosis in Recreational Diving

Dysbaric osteonecrosis (DON) is the destruction of bone tissue in the long bones, hips and shoulders associated with diving and compressed-air work. Generally considered to be the result of circulation disruption, osteonecrosis can occur without exposure to pressure changes. Learn more.

Man in blue jeans undergoes an MRI scan

Diagnosis Before Treatment

Proper care of injured divers means ruling out all possibilities. Read the story of a dive incident and differing diagnoses.

Two dive buddies assist an unconscious diver on a boat

Tips for Better Oxygen Administration

Dive-accident victims benefit from the use of oxygen in two fundamental ways. Learn how they benefit and how to administer oxygen.

Woman lies in beach chair wearing oxygen mask

Shooter: Pete Zuccarini

Pete Zuccarini is the underwater cinematographer behind movies like “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Life of Pi,” “Dolphin Tale” and more. Read more about Zuccarini’s story and career.

Underwater cinematographer chases a dolphin to get the right footage

Our National Marine Sanctuaries

America’s national marine sanctuaries have everything a diver could ask for — coral reefs, kelp forests, animal encounters, shipwrecks and so much more. But not only should they be visited, divers also have a responsibility to advocate for them.

Curious pilot whale inspects camera

Cave Photography

Cave photography is equally exhilarating and challenging — try photographing something when light is sparse. Read more about cave photography and get the best tips.

Two cave divers swim through a tight and craggy crevice

The Art of Shipwreck Hunting

From U-boats and triremes to pirate ships and unsinkable ocean liners, the seafloor is littered with relics of our ocean-going past. Modern technology is opening the doors of discovery on certain lost ships.

The bow of the sunken RMS Titanic

Grassroots Marine Protected Areas

Global marine protected wildlife sanctuaries foster ecological protections and growth while also helping boost local economies. Read the stories behind several marine protected areas across the world.

Mantas circle a cleaning station in Misool, Indonesia.