DAN Member Profile: Margo Peyton

DAN member Margo Peyton created a dive camp that is safe for families. Read more about Peyton and her motivations to dive.

One diver is holding a flag and another diver just floats nearby

A Touch of Ripley

Underwater worms are fascinating creatures and not much is known about these species. Read more about worms.

Bobbit worm pokes its head out of sand

Water: Element of Life & Fitness

Grab your water shoes and bathing suit, and get ready for a fun workout! Water creates perfect resistance and when an exercise ball is added, you get a total-body challenge. Get this water-based workout.

Split shot of two women in a pool each holding blue balls

The St. Lawrence River

The St. Lawrence River widens into a rich estuary. It’s a rich dive site with lots for divers to check out. Learn more about the St. Lawrence River.

A young fluffy seal takes shelter under a large piece of ice

The Curious Life Beneath Piers and Docks

Piers and docks often act as reefs and harbor an abundance of shallow-water fish. These places were not designed to attract animals, but they have since become safe havens. Read more about the importance of piers and docks for marine life.

Young yellow cuttlefish hangs out under a pier

DAN to the Rescue: Out of Antarctica

Accidents happen, even in Antarctica. A DAN member slipped on the icy boat deck and suffered a serious injury. DAN was there to help.

Diver in a red drysuit takes a photo of a cute seal

Seeing the Reef in a New Light

Fluorescence night diving enables divers to observe marine life in glowing colors often invisible to the naked eye. Read more about this night diving technique and how fluorescence works.

Moray eel emits green light

A Culture of Dive Safety

A culture of dive safety promotes the sport and improves the overall dive experience. Our experts discuss a dive safety culture and its promotion.

Old bearded man in red polo has a phone headset on

Boat Collision and Propeller Safety

Propeller trikes happen to divers and the injuries are brutal. Read more about propeller safety, tools, research and more to prevent these nasty injuries.

Submerged propeller whirls

A Week Underwater in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is vast — with 100,000 square miles of oceanic wilderness. Four photojournalists chronicle their adventures in the Bahamas.

Diver uses a flashlight to explore a dark underwater cave