A Week Underwater in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is vast — with 100,000 square miles of oceanic wilderness. Four photojournalists chronicle their adventures in the Bahamas.

Diver uses a flashlight to explore a dark underwater cave

America’s Reef

The Florida Keys is a magical dive destination. Two seasoned divers take their grandson to the Keys for his first dive trip. Read more about their massive exploration of the Florida Keys.

Child diver swims over a shipwreck

Communicable Diseases and Close Quarters

Communicable diseases are easy to catch — especially in close quarters. From common colds to salmonella, here are some great tips on how to stay healthy and avoid communicable diseases while away.

Vaccination needle goes into an arm


Voluntourism, when combined with a dive trip, combines the benefits of the marine environment and helping local communities. Learn more about several voluntourism opportunities found all over the world.

Sea turtle peers around red coral

Mission 31: An Aquanaut’s Journey

Mission 31 challenged a team of aquanauts to live underwater for 31 days. A documentary film shooter chronicles his journey to be a Mission 31 aquanaut.

A suave-looking man peers out of an underwater portal

Coral Restoration Expands Internationally

Coral restoration projects are underway all over the world. Thanks to these projects, coral populations and reefs are thriving.

French angelfish, has yellow spots, and swims over corals

Shark: An Icon on the Rise

Global shark populations are threatened by fishing pressures or shark-fin poaching. However, shark conservation efforts are working to raise sharks’ reputations.

Hammerhead shark smiles at the camera

DAN Member Profile: Margo Peyton

DAN member Margo Peyton created a dive camp that is safe for families. Read more about Peyton and her motivations to dive.

One diver is holding a flag and another diver just floats nearby

A Touch of Ripley

Underwater worms are fascinating creatures and not much is known about these species. Read more about worms.

Bobbit worm pokes its head out of sand

Water: Element of Life & Fitness

Grab your water shoes and bathing suit, and get ready for a fun workout! Water creates perfect resistance and when an exercise ball is added, you get a total-body challenge. Get this water-based workout.

Split shot of two women in a pool each holding blue balls